Toddler Family Food….Extra Crunchy Wedges!

Toddler Dinner Food Idea

I bet that pic just made you want some hot chips didn’t it? One of the few foods i can always rely on the toddler twosome to eat is hot wedges or chips.

To make that not so great choice a little healthier i usually make my own and because Ruby likes the sensation of extra crunchy foods this easy recipe has become a fast favourite for those nights when i want something to add as a little extra i know they will eat!

Simply peel and chop some large potatoes into wedge or chip shapes….my girls prefer chunky as they are easier to hold and munch but your toddler might prefer a thinner style chip or ‘fry’. It’s all about finding what they prefer really!

Once you have them chopped i like to spread them onto a plate and microwave for about 8 minutes….it depends on the amount you are doing but you are aiming to soften them a little…but not cook them. You could also par boil in a saucepan but i like to take the quick and easy option when it comes to toddler dinner time!

Toddler Food Dinner Idea

When they have cooled enough to handle, tip them into a large bowl (or zip lock bag), add a tablespoon of your preferred oil, a sprinkle of salt, (if your toddler is ok with herbs and spices a little sprinkle here too is nice…when making them for the adults i like to add some paprika and cajun spices for a wedge with some kick!)Give them a good mix by turning over with your hands…you want the wedges to be coated well. Now add the secret ingredient for some extra crunch!

And that secret ingredient is….Panko Crumbs! I love these things…they have made life so much easier for getting Ruby to try new foods…the texture really seems to appeal to her and Tara loves them too thankfully! You can usually find them near the Asian foods section in your local supermarket here in Australia…if you have trouble finding them overseas, some plain breadcrumbs would work just as well! Add a handful to the wedges and mix through….add more of less depending on how crunchy you would like your wedges and the amount of potato you are using!

Toddler Dinner Snack idea

Now line a tray with baking paper and spread the wedges out so there is a little bit of space between each wedge or chip…It’s better to use 2 trays and spread them out rather than trying to fit them onto one as they won’t be as crunchy otherwise!

Toddler dinner food idea

And that’s it! Into a 200 degree Celsius oven for about 20 minutes….just keep an eye on them as everyone’s oven is different. As soon as they are golden and crunchy they are ready to serve.

I usually add them to my other toddler favourites… Vegetable, Bacon & Rice Fritters or Chicken Lentil Patties ….in an ideal world a little  salad or some steamed vegies would go nicely too….but doesn’t often work here unfortunately! They are great to add as a side dish to whatever the rest of the family is eating though!

Toddler Dinner

My apologies for the lack of posts this week…the whole family has had an awful gastro virus to contend with but i am hopeful we are all on the mend now and life can return to it’s usual hectic pace! 
I hope you have had a lovely weekend…thanks and welcome to our latest blog and pinterest followers and new friends on Facebook too!

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8 thoughts on “Toddler Family Food….Extra Crunchy Wedges!

  1. YUMMY!! Love the addition of Panko crumbs Jode.
    I make wedges too from time to time but spice them up with chilli flakes and paprika..they go down well with a dollop of sour cream.

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