Programming and Planning E-book


Programming and Planning is a downloadable E-book in PDF format perfect for early childhood educators who want to learn more about the steps of the planning cycle, what is really required and how to save time doing it! An easy to understand, back to basics guide for all early childhood educators. Includes planning templates to print or edit.



Programming and Planning is a downloadable E-book in PDF format perfect for early childhood educators who want to know more about the steps of the planning cycle, what is really required and how to save time doing it!  Includes planning templates you can print or download to edit on your computer. 

Downloading this E-Book gives you:

  • An easy to understand overview of the planning system Jodie uses with completed examples and photos to help you understand and visualise each step.
  • The ability to meet EYLF outcomes without needing to write confusing codes, numbers and symbols on your program.
  • A clear understanding of what the planning cycle is and how you can make it work for you without the usual programming stress
  • An insight into what you REALLY need to do versus current EYLF myths and the endless ‘you have to’ confusing information.
  • Presented in a back to basics format and tone that will help you to start programming effectively immediately!
  • Over 160 pages of valuable information, tools, templates and tips
  • Observation, reflection, forward planning and weekly program templates you can edit to get you started.
  • The knowledge of how to link observations and reflections to your forward planning .
  • Developmental checklists to use for ages 0-5 years.

What do you receive after purchase?

You will receive a confirmation email with an official receipt and links to download the following files immediately after payment is completed:

  1. E-book in PDF format to download and save to your computer.
  2. 15 Editable Templates (13 in Word, 2 in Publisher formats) Print and write or edit and save.

Learn more about what is really expected and how to develop your own programming style using different methods and easy strategies that will save you time – then get back to what you love and do well, playing and interacting with the children in your care!



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