Summative Assessments Toolkit


The Summative Assessment Toolkit is a PDF resource to help educators understand the role Summative Assessments play in meeting documentation requirements and how to write and use one. Printable templates are included to guide educators as they compile an overview of the ‘distance travelled’ by each child on their own unique journey. Also includes an A4 poster/ tip sheet for quick reference as you write and an organisational template to keep all assessment and documentation sources in the one place!

Explained in an easy to understand format with tools and templates to help you take action straight away!

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This resource will help you understand the role Summative Assessments can play in meeting documentation requirements and how to easily write and use one.

  • Supports educators to bring all of their documentation together (including observations, photos, special moments, family input, developmental indicators/checklists and the children’s creative work) at intervals throughout a year and use it effectively to tell a story about the child’s progress so far toward certain learning outcomes and goals.
  • Printable templates are included to help you take action and get started straight away. Use them as a base to create your own!
  • The 1 page printable tip sheet allows for quick reference and reminders as you compile your assessments of learning and determine what you need to include and why.
  • Organisational template tool makes it easy to keep track of all of your documentation. Know immediately where to find individual assessment sources you have already written/saved and when you last completed each one to show clear evidence of ongoing and clearly linked documentation and planning.

What do you receive after purchase?

You will receive a confirmation email with an official receipt and links to download the following files immediately after payment is completed:

  1. Summative Assessments mini guide in PDF printable format – includes summative assessment overview and explanation, 2 printable assessment templates, printable organisational tool, printable A4 poster/tip sheet.


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