The 5 Stepping Stones to Move Past 'Meeting' to 'Exceeding'.

...without focusing ONLY on writing more.

Professional Development Certificate Available

What will you discover on this webinar?

  • Why taking a fresh look at what you are currently doing with your paperwork and day to day practice can lead to better time management and opportunities to achieve exceeding.
  • How a Program….when used meaningfully, can achieve MORE than just showing evidence on a wall that you have planned a range of age-appropriate activities and experiences... that may or may not actually get done.
  • How to show EVIDENCE of your ongoing self reflection and use that information to provide quality outcomes for the children and their families in your service.
  • Why being able to explain what you do and why is just as important as showing written 'evidence' when being assessed.
  • How to use simple tools to help you mentor and explain reflection and self improvement in simple terms to other educators unsure of this process. 
  • 6 Core areas to review and focus on first when preparing for an assessment.
  • How to use simple tools and strategies to demonstrate consistent meaningful engagement and partnerships with families.
  • How your Environments and Resources….when used meaningfully, can achieve MORE than just the provision of spaces for children to access toys, craft and play equipment.
  • How you can confidently use other methods, actions and your individual strengths in addition to documentation (instead it being your only option!) to meet outcomes and exceed standards.  
Your presenter:

Jodie Clarke , The Empowered Educator

Becoming the educator who understands that documentation is only one part of the puzzle to achieving an ongoing exceeding standard means that you are no longer just focused on (and stressed about!) paperwork ticking every box.

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  • Action Before Assessment - Checklist & Guide
  • Interactive Workshop & Mentor Session - How to Use Quality Improvement Plans, Set Goals & Take Empowered Action Steps To Ensure You Are Assessment Ready!

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