live academy member event

Introducing The New Academy Mindfulness & Wellness Hub 

Join Us Live As We Embark On A Journey To Support Your Soul & Spirit

Includes Gentle Meditation Session 

august 28th

2:00 pm aest

Come and celebrate the opening of your brand new Mindfulness and Wellbeing Hub For Academy Members in this live 1 hour event on Sunday 28th August at 2pm AEST

I'll take you on a tour through the new Mindfulness & Wellbeing Hub for members and you'll meet Steph who will be facilitating this session. 

Steph is our Academy For Empowered Educators Intuitive Guide and Leadership Coach who will also be supporting our members through the new Mindfulness & Wellbeing Hub with:

  • Mini Meditations
  • Mindfulness Prompts
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Live Sessions

Tips to set boundaries, come back to yourself, boost your energy and create a calmer you.

Day:  Sunday 28th August

Time:  2PM -3PM AEST

About Steph

I’m Steph, an Intuitive Guide and Leadership Coach and ever since I was a child I’ve always been highly attuned to my senses. It has gifted me the ability to help many people in many different ways. It has also been a huge journey of mine to accept and understand what it is, how to use it, when and why. 

I truly believe that when we are here, anchored in the present moment, with our energy, attention and will power so deeply rooted in our own innate knowing, it is then that we can manifest our biggest and wildest dreams AND have the experience of living them. 

My gift to you is helping you find your way back to you and experiencing this in this lifetime. 

In this introductory live 1 hour event Steph will be sharing the following with us:

Relaxing Live, Gentle Meditation

A relaxing live meditation and experience for everyone - for ALL levels. Even if you’ve never meditated before (I keep trying to ‘get it right’ but I never seem to be able to calm my mind and switch off the to-do list running through my head, so trust me when I say I’m on this journey with you and excited about Steph leading us through it together!)

Steph assures us the meditation will be facilitated In a very safe, subtle and gentle way - I can’t wait!

What Steph Does...

A little bit about her work and walking between two worlds “Spiritual/Intuitive” and “Corporate/Leadership” , why they both support her… and how she helps people now.

Q&A Session...

Steph has also kindly offered to answer any questions you might have about anything she shares throughout the event and how to use the new resources that will be waiting for you inside the Academy Mindfulness & Wellbeing Hub.

Tips To Support Your Nervous System

Supporting our nervous system and some simple tips and tricks to support yours. 

How To Regulate Your Energy

Energy anatomy and why it is important to know how to manage and regulate your energy.

Understanding Intuition

The journey of the soul and how integrating simple moments of connection to self and soul and learning how to interpret, understand and listen to your intuition is the most important thing you could ever do - for YOU, your family, friends, career and anyone in your orbit. 

This event is for subscribers to the academy only so we do require you to register for this event.

I know it’s not possible for all members to make this session time live - it gets tricky with all of our different timezones so there will be a replay made available for members a few days after the event but I encourage you to attend the live Sunday session if you can so you can take part in the live meditation and connect with Steph so you can get your questions answered.

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I'm looking forward to seeing our Academy members at this event and sharing something unique that will help you to start your week focused on your wellbeing...See you there!

Sunday 28th August

2PM - 3PM (Australian Sydney Time)