Rather than having to face your next planning review or assessment visit...

Can we get real for a second Empowered Ed? If I visited tomorrow and went through your programming folder and learning spaces would I find....

A pile of unused programs that are packed with awesome activities the children would love but you’ve discarded because you couldn’t figure out how to link to a learning outcome or theorist and you didn’t have the time to research it.

Or maybe an awe-inspiring Pinterest collection of ‘ideas’ that probably aren't actually going to happen because not only do you not have the time or resources required, but let’s face it...the children will probably just wreck whatever you set up in 5 minutes anyway so why bother?

Perhaps I just see the diary full of messy reflections listing what went wrong and what didn’t, or where you could ‘go next’ that took you hours of writing but in reality leave you feeling frustrated because they seem like a waste of time when you don’t actually do anything with all that information and still get told it’s not enough ‘evidence’ of reflective practice. 

It’s not like you want that towering pile 

of folders, templates and paperwork spread out across your desk to be the only way you show evidence of your planning cycle.

But I'm here to tell you, it's not your fault.

  1. 1
    You see, while many early childhood leaders, trainers and consultants tell you to focus on

    Just displaying your program each week, linking to learning outcomes, compiling portfolios to show children’s learning or saving evidence of self-assessment and reflection...
  2. 2
    They often don’t tell you WHY or HOW

    Which means you end up feeling like you're spending more time writing than engaging with the children in your care (you know...the actual reason you wanted to be an educator in the first place).

And worst of all...all that confidence you used to feel is gone. Nothing you document feels good enough to meet the standards or your Director/Coordinators expectations.

No wonder you’ve been practising ‘would you like fries with that’ in your sleep.

This is why you need a step by step process to follow:

with visual examples, training and tools that break down the ‘WHY’ for you.

THEN show you HOW to bring it all together so it flows... and you aren’t wasting your non-existent planning time completing unnecessary and excessive paperwork just to prove you have covered everything expected.

A plan that focuses on your strengths….

Not trying to reproduce what Jenny in the preschool room is doing.

Not what your educator friend who runs a family day care suggested you try.

Not those templates or programs consultants told you to use that never quite worked.

Announcing the Black Friday Frustration Buster Sale - Take 80% off this month only!

You can use the digital resources and watch the quick mojo motivator ‘how to’ videos in the Black Friday Frustration Buster Bundles then access simple tips and explanations from an educator who has been in your shoes and knows what works..... because I have felt the frustration and overwhelm too.

Need to check off some training hours before the end of 2021?

 Lifetime Access to all bundle videos & certificates included for $37

Let me introduce you to 3 resource bundles that will help you to ...

Stop adding unnecessary documentation to that paperwork pile you have growing in the corner.

Create programs that link all steps of the planning cycle together with LESS writing than you probably do now.

Use a template/system or digital tool that works with your strengths and gives you a process that you can confidently use to meet all requirements.

Organise your indoor and outdoor spaces while also inviting opportunities for visual learning and self-directed play.

  1. 1
    You don't have time for 'here is just one piece of the puzzle' or missed steps and myths that leave you right back where you are now. 
  2. 2
    Been there done that - you have certainly tried but it didn't work did it?

So let's make a change.... here’s how we're going to get you there.

Grab a Frustration Buster Bundle for Educators during this special Black Friday 'All Month Long' Sale for just $37 instead of $197.

1. ???????? Reflection Without Resentment Bundle to help you understand HOW to reflect across different areas step by step without needing to add unnecessary documentation to your planning cycle (Value $197)

2. ???????? Program Preparation Action Pack to help you create and use programs that link all steps of the planning cycle together with LESS writing than you probably do now (Value $197)

3. ???????? Playful Printables Pack to organise your indoor and outdoor spaces while also inviting opportunities for visual learning and self-directed play (value $197)

Thanks to these 3 bundles you can...

???? Stop filling out templates you don’t understand

???? Stop feeling pressured to complete an unrealistic number of observations ‘just because that’s the number’.

???? Stop adding unnecessary documentation to that paperwork pile you have growing in the corner

  1. 1

    Yes, you can get some of the resources in these bundles individually later in the shop if you change your mind but think about how many programs you will have to write in that time and activities you have to come up with!

  2. 2

    Just so that niggly, procrastinating educator side of you is aware, I need to let you know that you won’t be able to access the done for you curiosity spark program plans with matching activity guides and dramatic play printables after Thursday 9th (unless you are already inside Member Hub as these resources are usually exclusively available to my Hubsters only. They are not offered for sale in my online store).

What are Educators Saying?

Simple Planning

Marie S - Educator

"Great that you have worked in so many different aspects of the sector and that your research stems from years of experience. Lots of ideas given to refine what we are doing in our scheme. Thank you"

Simple Planning

Renata S - Family Day Care

"I purchased all your educator resource packs & they're fantastic! I can see already they are going to be a massive help in all areas. Thanks for all the hard work that obviously went into putting these together!"

Simple Planning

Donna N - OSHC Educator

"Since using all the resources you provide, I have gained so much more knowledge, skills & understanding in the industry and the NQS & NQF"

Imagine finally understanding how to balance the paperwork essentials with the need to be in the moment with the children...

  • To confidently tell the difference between reflection and critical reflection and how to use both approaches in your everyday work.
  • To know you can justify how you are planning, what you're doing and why you do it that way to anyone who asks - including during assessment visits.
  • To show clear links to learning outcomes on your program without adding boring outcome numbers everywhere that parents don't even understand & therefore don't bother reading.
  • To see pictorial examples of completed programs, reflections and plans that show you various steps you can try and make it clear to you that it is ok to have your own that works with your individual strengths and time available.

Thanks to:

  • Lifetime access to easy to understand tutorial videos and webinar recordings (complete with certificates and reflection guides).

  • Templates, examples and done for you program plans.

  • Printables and E-Guides that give you the step by step actions and processes to follow so you aren’t always wondering if you are on the right track.

What do you get in each bundle?

Reflection Without Resentment Bundle (Value $197)

???? Reflection Journal

???? Learning Journey Portfolio Pages

???? Reflection Story Cards

???? Self-Reflection Ideas for Children

????️ 2 Hour Webinar Recording Access - 4 Simple Keys to Using Reflection 

????️ Toolbox Video Lifetime Access - How to Simplify Summative Assessments 

????️ Toolbox Video Lifetime Access - How to use the Reflection Journal

????️ Toolbox Video Lifetime Access - How to use portfolios as part of your reflection

????️ Toolbox Video Lifetime Access - How to Simplify Reflective Practice

????️ Toolbox Video Lifetime Access - How to use your Observation Reflections for Forward Planning

Program Preparation Action Pack (Value $197)

???? Week 1 - Curiosity Spark Completed Program (Exploring Space) 

???? Curiosity Spark Matching Printables Pack (Space)

???? Curiosity Spark Matching Activity Guide Collection (Space)

???? EYLF Easy Guide

???? MTOP Easy Guide

???? Prep & Plan Program Quick Tools 

????️ Toolbox Video - How to use program webs & curiosity sparks 

????️ Toolbox Video - Step By Step Guide to Writing a Program That Connects & Flows

????️ Toolbox Video - How to set up  & use a simple process for forward planning 

????️ Toolbox Video - How to Find Your Personal Programming Style

????️ Toolbox Video - How to Use Intentional & Incidental Moments in Your Program

Playful Printables Pack (Value $197)

???? Recipes for Play E-Book

???? Scavenger Hunt Printable Cards

???? Connections & Conversations Printable Cards

???? Emotions & Faces Cards

???? Visual Routine Kit

???? Eco Friends printable templates

???? Developmental Checklists & E-Book “Using Developmental Checklists Effectively”. 

???? Respect our World Printable poster pack

???? Playful Learning Printable Poster Pack

???? Portfolio Pages Pack

???? Simple Sustainability Labels

✍️Everyday Learn & Display labels

✍️Parent Survey Templates

✍️Observation & Analysis Checklist

???? Curiosity Sparks Display Prompts and Printables

**All training video sessions include certificates, audio and a quickie

reflection summary you can add to your evidence collection.

Hurry though, you only have until this month ends to choose and download your special Black Friday Resource Bundle for $37 because on Thursday the 9th, the price goes back to $197 and the resources back on the digital shelf until 2022.

You're committed to 'doing the work' Empowered long as you have the right plan of action and simple steps to follow that leave nothing out and offer no reason to procrastinate.

You’ll get the action plan AND steps to follow with the Black Friday Frustration Buster Bundles.

I know you are willing to invest the time and energy as long as you are 110% confident that those actions will definitely produce stress less results for you.

No more wasting your weekend time or hiding in the resource cupboard away from the children with your chocolate bar stash because the writing all seems so frustrating and pointless.

Are you ready to take control of the paperwork side of your role and stop second-guessing yourself?

Questions smart educators ask before getting their frustration buster bundle...

Is this always going to be available?

Not can currently find some of the resources in these 3 Frustration Buster Bundles individually later in the Empowered Ed resource shop if you change your mind, but think about how many programs you will have to write in that time and activities you have to come up with! You’ll also have to wait until 2022 to access all resources and training included in the bundles...that’s why they are so special!

You will have to pay $197 for each bundle when they are eventually added to my shop resource catalogue in 2022 (which is still awesome value in my opinion, for the stress less tools and help you get...but obviously not as good as getting them for $37).

I also need to let you know that you won’t be able to access the done for you curiosity spark program plans with matching activity guides and dramatic play printables or any of the training videos after Thursday 9th December (unless you are already inside Member Hub as these resources and videos are usually exclusively available to my Hubsters only. They are not offered for sale individually in my online store).

Can’t I just get this on your website in the shop?

Look, you can go over to the shop and buy most of the digital resources individually anytime you want for a higher price but you won’t go into the prize draw or be able to access the training videos and done for you curiosity spark programs with matching activity guides unless you are subscribed to member hub.

The 3 Bundles in this special Black Friday promotion are not currently available in my Empowered Ed Resource Shop. When they are added in 2022, they will cost $197 instead of the $37 they currently are if purchased before midnight Thursday 9th December AEST.

What if I’m told I have to do my planning in a specific way by my coordinator or director using only their digital tools or templates?

Sure, it would be awesome to go into 2022 knowing you could create your own system to use right now. But your success in understanding the back to basics steps and a growth in your skills to use throughout your career certainly won’t depend on it.

There’s a crazy myth in our profession that you have to have a perfectly organised planning routine and associated templates that check off all boxes every week and you need to then stick with that rigidly – especially if it was handed to you by someone who is seemingly more qualified or experienced in this area. But in reality, that’s just one of MANY ways for you to meet the requirements of the planning cycle.

In the Program Preparation & Reflection Without Resentment bundles, you’ll have access to videos that will help you learn what the steps of the planning cycle really mean, how to recognise what works best for you and create your own methods and style or programs and observations EVEN if you are currently being told to do it in a way that suits another educator better.

I call it finding your ‘personal programming style’, and it’s the perfect way to feel more confident in your own skills and approach to learning. When you have the tools and guidance to create your own process it will give you the knowledge and the empowered voice to explain WHY something works better for you and HOW you can still meet all requirements …but in a more effective way.

Will I receive my Frustration Buster Bundle in the post?

The Reflection Without Resentment Bundle, Program Preparation Action Bundle and Playful Printables Pack are currently only available in digital PDF format.

That means you will not receive the digital resources in your mailbox but it does allow you the opportunity to access your resources straight away by downloading to the digital tool of your choice - smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

If you prefer to work in hardcopies you can print out all of your templates, ebooks and guides or just the core pages you want to use.

Templates, E-books, Guides and other PDF resources will require you to have the free Adobe PDF reader or app installed to use any of the ‘insert photo’ or ‘insert text’ fields.

The PDF resources will work on an iPad device but a quick heads up for you...other iPad educators have told us that using the free app PDFExpert works better for inserting photos into the pdf documents.

Please note that when you purchase a bundle containing videos you will have lifetime access to a special training page where you can log in and watch your videos at any many times as you like. You won’t be able to download the actual videos but you will be able to download and keep the certificates, reflection guides, Mp3 audio and any associated handouts.

What if I’m not very good with computers or tech devices?

Awesome! Why? Because I create all of my training sessions and resources with you in mind! I’ve kept the contents of each bundle as simple as possible – if you can click a big red button and hit save you are good to go!

And I’m not trying to be flippant with you - I know from talking regularly to my Empowered Ed Member Hub Subscribers that being asked to do something online can send a shiver down your spine because it’s SO out of your comfort zone and you don’t want to look silly or feel frustrated. But you are certainly not alone in that feeling and I totally get that!

That’s why I set up a special ‘help me’ page that has videos where I walk you through some simple yet common questions like how to download and save your certificates! There are even videos showing you how to unzip files or insert photos into your templates….nothing fancy, just me showing you step by step the process using my own screen as an example for you!

In the unlikely event, you find yourself still having difficulty with something, I’ll even record a personal step by step walkthrough video for you so your question is always answered (and never seen as silly)!

Rather than saying ‘you should know how to do this’ I see ‘not being good with computers’ as just another way I can simplify your work and grow your skills - let’s face it…computers are not going anywhere soon…but I can help you to use them for your programming and professional development needs ;-)

Ok, so how do I get my hands on a resource bundle...or 3?

  1. Click on one of those big red buttons
  2. Choose your resource bundle 
  3. Decide how you want to pay and enter your details (credit card or Paypal)
  4. Hit the buy button then go check your inbox for an email with your receipt and download links.

Simple right? 

Repeat after me Empowered Ed….there is nothing wrong with me wanting to embrace simple and welcome the children each day with a smile on my face instead of feeling like I still need at least another 3 half drunk lukewarm coffees and a flashing countdown clock telling me how long until my longed for lunch break escape to be able to face the workday.


You can only get your hands on a resource bundle for $37 during this Black Friday event because on Thursday 9th December they will be back on the digital shelf until 2022.

And you are right when you say there didn’t use to be as much focus on programs, observations and did seem like there was less writing 10 years ago.

But guess what? I’ve been in the early childhood profession for over 30 years (yep, I’m one of those ‘stuck in the old ways’ educators) and although much of the terminology has changed, it might surprise you to realise...

We still had to follow the same planning cycle that you do today

We still had to self assess regularly and analyse our actions, programs and observations.

We still had to adhere to regulations and frameworks…the EYLF didn’t cause your paperwork woes by the way.

We still had to write weekly programs, observe and document children’s learning then plan experiences that would extend their learning journey.

Uncomplicating the work you have to do

So I get it, I’ve been frustrated with the paperwork over the years too...but where do you think I get all my template, resource and training ideas from? The last 30 years of experience and needing to make life easier for myself! Nothing wrong with uncomplicating the work you have to do. It was a lot of trial and error and wasted time though that I’m determined to help you avoid.

So how does this help you defeat the program & planning overwhelm today?

I think the big difference between 20 years ago and what is missing for you today is we were taught WHY we had to do those things and HOW to incorporate it into our day to day practice and interactions with the children instead of placing documentation at the very top of the block tower ready to topple on your head at any minute if you don’t give it all of your attention, neglecting the part of the job you love in the process. 

Even as an experienced educator it’s hard not to get drawn into believing you need to DO more to BE more in your role and that’s when you start wondering if you aren’t cut out for this job anymore. You forget the power of just keeping it simple and working with your strengths.

That’s how I still work today and why thousands of early childhood educators from around the world tell me they feel so relieved and empowered after they see the steps broken down and explained visually with real examples and tips from a fellow educator who has been doing this *ahem* a very long time and been through the stress, self-doubt, Sunday planning resentment and lack of motivation that you have.

Educator Feedback...

Educator Tips


"I just want to thank you for the excellent training I's going to be so helpful with my planning, I told my Director & she was so impressed and wants me to share all about you with my colleagues.
Thanks again for your very valuable information it's much appreciated."

Educator Tips


“Looking for information to assist my students to understand the summative assessment process...I found your information to be very relevant and a great source for students.

I will definitely be recommending your Empowered Educator website to  them in the future.”

Educator Tips


"You are doing a wonderful job at supporting and providing resources for other educators. I personally need it and it has inspired, empowered and made me so excited to do more in my job and with my children. Its given me a different outlook and perspective".

So, before you start filling out that Macca’s application…. become the Empowered Educator instead that easily shows evidence of an ongoing, organised system and simple steps that consistently link observations and reflections to your program then close the documentation loop...without the second-guessing, anxiety, and frustrating 'what do I do next 'moments.

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