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You missed out!

Welcome & Thanks For Joining In The Challenge!

This is the final tutorial video and an overview of what you've achieved this past week during the Plan, Prep and Setup Challenge - here's what you'll find when you press play above...

🥳 We've included the short challenge compilation video that includes photos and screenshots from registrants who have shared their progress with us throughout the week - we want to celebrate what you’ve achieved with the creation of your Organiser.

🥳 I explain how to download and personalise a certificate of professional development for participating in the challenge…

🥳 I take you through a brief recap of the challenge content we’ve covered over the last 5 days AND I’ll share my bonus tips and suggestions with you for the creation of future segments and themes you can add to your folder.

🥳 I show you an easy option to access forms, templates and printables that will help you continue filling your Organiser folder with new MASTERS.

🥳 You’ll find out who won the Educator Personalised Pamper Pack (valued at over $250) and I'll tell you more about how to continue the progress you've made so far by taking advantage of the Timesaver Challenge Discount Pass (not available to the public) to save money AND time by joining us inside.

Now sit back with your favourite drink and snack, grab a pen and paper to take some final notes and let's celebrate the end of the challenge and all that you’ve achieved over the past week!

Feel Like Your Always In Catchup Mode?

Change that today by using your challenge timesaver discount pass to join us inside the Member Hub Professional Development Portal

You’ll also get bonus access to the brand new ‘Organiser Resource Page’ coming next month to Member Hub that will give you the timesaving templates and printables you need to continue filling your Organiser and expand on the time management momentum you created during the Plan, Prep & Setup Challenge

How To Access Your Certificate

Please click on the red button below to complete the Challenge feedback & reflection form to gain access to your certificate delivery.

You will be issued with your professional development certificate link after all form questions are answered and submitted. 

Follow the steps below to gain access to your certificate as we cannot send them out individually for the number of people taking part in this Challenge

Step 1 - Complete reflection form by clicking on red button below. It will open a new browser/web page for you. Type directly into the form and submit using the button at bottom of the form when finished.

Step 2 - After you complete your reflection form you will be redirected to a new browser page as your certificate opens. 

Step 3 - From this page you can download and save it to your own computer  or device files before entering your name and date into the pdf shaded areas. Save your PDF.  Do not edit your certificate online as the details will not save.

Step 4 - Print your certificate, keep it saved in a professional development folder or attach as a file to an email if you need to send it through to your leader, director or co-ordinator. 

If you have any difficulty you can watch the quick help video shared below.