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Save time and money with these resource bundles created especially to help early childhood educators simplify their planning, environments and play ideas.

There is a bundle to support a a wide range of early childhood roles. Find the one that will be most helpful to YOU then download immediately after payment and get started taking action with simple steps that will lead to a more confident YOU.

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These digital resource bundles include everything you need to become an EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT educator without requiring expensive resources, complicated prep time or a program that took you hours to write.

Packed full of printables, posters, ebooks, templates, program and play ideas that will ensure you save time, add new experiences to your planning, understand how to set up engaging learning environments and create simpler processes that leave you feeling motivated to try something new while also confidently meeting learning outcomes and managing your time .


A Confidence Boost & Next Steps Approach For Leaders.

The resources and tools in this bundle will help you spend less time worrying about how to get started or what to do next in your educational leader or coordinator role.

You'll gain a clearer understanding of the educational leader role and clarify :

  • What you want to achieve ow to
  • How to take those next steps to make it happen.
  • What you can do to mentor and support educators.
  • How to simplify and explain concepts that provide better outcomes for children ( like the use of a planning cycle).
Organisation & Time Management Help For Busy Educators – EARLY LEARNING CENTRE/PRESCHOOL VERSION

The Empowered Educator Organise Me resources are the perfect choice if you are the educator who WANTS & NEEDS to:

  • Get out in front with required paperwork. 
  • Manage your time more effectively so you don't have to take paperwork home.
  • Feel confident with daily, weekly and monthly planning expectations.
  • Find a better balance between paperwork and play.
Organisation & Time Management Help For Busy Educators – FAMILY DAY CARE VERSION

The Empowered Educator Organise Me resources are the perfect choice if you are the educator who WANTS & NEEDS to:

  • Get out in front with required paperwork. 
  • Manage your time more effectively so you don't have to do paperwork during family time.
  • Feel confident with daily, weekly and monthly planning expectations.
  • Find a better balance between paperwork and play.
Simplify Planning For Babies & Toddlers & Put Play First

If you work with babies and toddlers you will already know how challenging it can be to create plans and routines that meet the steps of the planning cycle while also juggling the extra day to day nurturing and safety needs this age group demands.


This bundle of resources will help you feel empowered to create and support early learning experiences and opportunities in baby and toddler environments.

You will find out HOW :

  • To record baby or toddler's learning, meaningful moments and progress as your observations.
  • To listen to and include the child's voice into your future planning - even if they're not yet talking.
  • To identify their interests, needs and what they are learning through everyday play and basic routines.
  • How to use simple templates, checklists and visual tools to communicate with families, set goals, write meaningful observations then use this to inform future planning and programs.
Balance Running A Business With Programming & Play...

This resource bundle has been created especially for time-poor educators working in a home-based early learning environment. Family Day Care is a unique early learning service and requires additional educator skills, strategies, time and modifications to your home.

The resources in this bundle recognise the extra support you need in this role (I created them to help in my own FDC!) and ensure you are:

  • Able to manage your time more effectively and organise paperwork.
  • Never short of play based activity ideas linked to learning outcomes.
  • Confidently modifying and meeting the steps of the planning cycle in terms of your Family Day Care work.
  • Motivated to set up your environment for indoor and outdoor play using tools & materials already available.
  • Able to communicate more effectively with families and service/scheme coordinators.
  • Rarely required to fill vacancies as you have a waiting list.
Create Active Learners Who Have Fun While Looking After The World Around Them...

You will be able to confidently guide children toward developing a respect and love for the environment and world around them through the playful activity ideas, projects, simple resources and printables in this resource bundle - they were created with the aim of encouraging hands on learning opportunities for children of all ages.

With these resources in your toolkit you'll be able to:

  • Inspire and mentor educators with new ideas, simpler processes and active learning tools to keep everyone happy and motivated.
  • Embed sustainable practice and create an eco friendly learning environment!
  • Access ideas and inspiration to add to weekly programs throughout the year and beyond.
  • Use communication tools and simple checklists to help you take action with small but important steps.
  • Engage, collaborate and connect with families so they can continue the learning at home.
Create Programs & Experiences That Help School Age Children Connect, Relax & Find Play Again...

Become an empowered and confident educator and/or coordinator when you use the resources in this HUGE bundle compiled especially with the needs of outside school hours care educators in mind!

With these tools, templates and strategies you will confidently :

  • Simplify meeting the steps of the planning cycle as it connects to outside schools hours care service delivery.
  • Set up engaging indoor and outdoor environments (even when you don’t have a permanent space).
  • Incorporate play-based leisure activities linked to MTOP outcomes.
  • Include child and family voices into your program.
  • Put a process in place that ensures everyone in the service plays a role in forward planning, observing, reflecting, communicating and engaging.
  • Simplify planning fo befoe and after school sessions as well as vacation care days.
Writing a program becomes easier when you can confidently plan and setup simple, playful experiences that provide opportunities for intentional & incidental learning.

You will never again be short of engaging play-based ideas already linked to learning areas for a range of ages 0-12 years, when you have access to all the resources in this huge playful learning pack!

Imagine the relief of being able to confidently choose activities and experiences already linked to learning areas and ready to write on your program.

You'll have what you need to:

  • Make your own budget-friendly play resources and outdoor equipment, repurpose what you have.
  • Re-arrange your learning environments and materials to ensure you are meeting outcomes organically.
  • Introduce intentional teaching moments  spark curiosity.
  • Incorporate play based learning opportunities into everyday environments and experiences.
  • Keep playful learning simple & meaningful....not complicated or expensive.

Are they worth it?

Don't just take my word for it, take a look at what other educators say about my resources....

“Thanks for all the great resources, you have obviously spent alot of time and effort in creating them to benefit many!..”

Christelle Lefort

"Your products are great and I have been so grateful to have been able to use a lot of them and help support my colleagues with them"

Lizzie Hill

"The best I have found in Early Childhood PD. You do an amazing job. Its clear and simple without all the heavy stuff."

Lucie Spiteri

"Relatable materials with a focus on Educator support and wellbeing."

Justine Ward Landy

Hi Empowered Ed's!

I'm Jodie Clarke

I'm Jodie and I have over 30 years hands on experience in the early childhood profession. I've already supported and mentored thousands of educators with their work through my popular website The Empowered Educator, Member Hub Learning Network and practical blog posts, activity ideas, factsheets, free e-guides, online training, Facebook Community, webinars and e-books.

I have worked in many different roles across the family services and early childhood professions including Case Manager, Project Officer, FDC Coordinator and educator, Occasional Care, Outside School Hours Care, Family Support Manager, IHC Coordinator, Room Leader, Director, Assistant in centre based care and training facilitator to name just a few so it's likely I have already walked in similar shoes to your own.

I know what is helpful to educators because I am one too.

Smart Questions Others Have Asked...


All of the resource bundles on sale are currently only available in digital PDF format.

That means you will not receive the digital resources in your mailbox but it does allow you the opportunity to access your resources straight away by downloading to the digital tool of your choice - smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

If you prefer to work in hardcopies you can print out all of your templates, ebooks and guides or just the core pages you want to use.

Templates, E-books, Guides and other PDF resources will require you to have the free Adobe PDF reader or app installed to use any of the ‘insert photo’ or ‘insert text’ fields.

The PDF resources will work on an iPad device but a quick heads up for you...other iPad educators have told us that using the free app PDFExpert works better for inserting photos into the pdf documents.

Please note that when you purchase a bundle containing videos you will have lifetime access to a special training page where you can log in and watch your videos at any many times as you like. You won’t be able to download the actual videos but you will be able to download and keep the certificates, reflection guides, Mp3 audio and any associated handouts.


I’ve made sure there is at least one resource bundle available and relevant for each of the core service types and roles. 

  • ELC Directors & Coordinators
  • Room Educators
  • Family Day Care Educators
  • Family Day Care Coordinators & CDO’s
  • Educational Leaders
  • Outside School Hours Care Coordinators & Educators
  • Preschools
  • Occasional Care Services


Look, you can go over to the shop and buy SOME of the digital resources included in these bundles individually anytime you want for a higher price...usually you can expect to pay between $197 & $297 for each bundle when they are purchased via my shop catalogue  (which is still awesome value in my opinion, for the stress less tools and help you get...but obviously not as good as getting them for $37 😏)

So you can do that for sure, I would never want you to spend money if it not the right choice for you..but let's also think about how many programs you will have to write and activities you have to come up with before you possibly change your mind and decide you did need those resources!


I know you don't have a lot of time so I've made it as easy as possible for you to grab those resources and start using them! Follow the simple steps below:

1. Click on one of those big colourful buttons under the bundle image that says 'BUY ME NOW'

2. Another tab will open in your browser and you'll see the checkout page. Add your details and tick the boxes of any other bundles you would like to add to your order.  

3. Decide how you want to pay and enter your details (credit card or Paypal)

4. Click the buy button on that same page then go check your inbox for an email with your receipt and download links.

Simple right?

Repeat after me Empowered Ed….there is nothing wrong with me wanting to embrace simple and welcome the children each day with a smile on my face instead of feeling like I still need at least another 3 half drunk lukewarm coffees and a flashing countdown clock telling me how long until my longed for lunch break escape to be able to face the workday.

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