The Empowered Educator
Organiser & Planner Tutorial Video

Using your new Educator Organiser

Thankyou for purchasing the Empowered Educator Organiser & Planner. I hope you find it a valuable tool to help you get organised, streamline your paperwork and develop a simple documentation and programming system.

Please watch the tutorial video above as I walk you through how to use and make the most of every single page in your new organiser. This tutorial also includes guidance on how to use the planning tools (including observations, reflection, program, forward planning and parent communication) and templates to save time on your documentation processes and meeting the steps of the planning cycle.

The tutorial session runs for just over an hour but you can pause the video at any time and come back to it when you need to. There is no need to watch it all in the one sitting. Please also refer to the 'How to use this organiser' pages at the beginning of Essential Tools (Part A) and Daily and Weekly Tools (Part B).

If you have any questions about your organiser purchase or about the video tutorial please email [email protected] 

Ready? Hit play on the video & let's get organised  !