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Plan, Prep & Setup With Confidence Interactive Challenge for Educators

(Created especially for early years educators, educational leaders, coordinators, directors and early childhood teachers)

Join us in the FREE Challenge & discover how to put together your own Educator Organiser, so you can confidently plan, prep and setup for early learning throughout 2022.


Over the course of this free 5 day challenge and working as part of a group of educators who are committed to managing their time more effectively, while writing less, you’ll create your own organisation and planning resource that will give you the headstart you need to:

Setup your play spaces indoors and outdoors to invite engaged learning

Write programs that spark curiosity and invite playful learning

Visualise and build your planning cycle

Set goals and create the action steps needed to achieve those goals

Organise your paperwork, documentation and communication tools

Did I mention this challenge is FREE? Register here now - we’re starting soon!

Join in and at the end of this live challenge you’ll have…

💪 A folder set up (with YOUR chosen cover design) that gives you a simple way to organise and visualise your paperwork, documentation and communication tools. You’ll know at a glance where and how you’ll use them to complete your planning cycle steps whenever you open your folder throughout 2022.

A daily system you can follow to prioritise your goals, identify your professional development needs, plan ahead and strengthen your time management skills as an educator.
A printable photo observation design template that you can personalise with your children’s images
A learning environment audit process & reusable checklist

A visual environment planner you can reuse again and again with The Empowered Educator ‘Visualise My Learning Space’ printables - movable images to help you set up and arrange your early learning room or FDC space for the new year.

A personalised step by step reflection, goal setting and action plan page template to use throughout 2022 so you can show evidence of regular self assessment and any improvements made.

A set of customized printable folder covers and pages that will help break down the planning cycle steps for you and show you how to connect your chosen documentation tools to the right planning step - ultimately saving you a whole lot of time, uncertainty and procrastination!

Paperwork and planning does NOT have to be boring or frustrating...you just need your own Organiser.

What you’ll get each day during the 5 day challenge:

A Daily Tutorial Video

where I share my tips on a useful planning and organisation topic or timesaver  to try and then guide you through a few simple steps so you can complete a new resource to add into your folder organiser each day

Printables & Templates

Daily printables and Canva design templates that my graphic designer has created especially for you!

Visual Action Guides

Daily PDFs to download and keep

Daily Emails

A personal email from me each day of the challenge to guide you through our daily challenge activities and show you how to access resources and watch videos in your Challenge Portal (*the portal will be available to you for the 5 days of the challenge).

Prizes & Private Group

The opportunity to win prizes and connect with other early childhood educators around the world also taking part in the challenge while sharing your progress in our Private Popup Challenge Facebook Group

Wrap Up Workshop

A ticket to our special live zoom event on Sunday 27th - The Challenge Wrap Up Workshop where we’ll share our finished creations with each other virtually, the grand prize winner will be drawn and I’ll give you some final tips and ideas to help you make the absolute most of your new organiser folder resource to ensure you spend less time writing and more time playing in 2022!

The Challenge Tutorial Videos You'll Get Access To:


You'll personalise your folder cover template and find out how to set up your organiser in a way that links your documentation tools & processes to planning steps.


You’ll learn how to edit your own photo observation template in Canva following my step by step visual example then discover 3 strategies you can use to record more meaningful child observations you can use to extend learning.


You'll find out how to use the learning environment audit, visualise my learning space printables and 3 simple strategies to increase engagement and learning indoors and outdoors in 2022.


By the end of this mini tutorial you’ll understand how to use your new Action & Reflection Quick Guide pages to clarify then breakdown your goals into smaller, more actionable steps.


 I’ll show you how to use my 10 Simple Sparks Guide to map out your forward planning, create playful connections to learning outcomes and make writing your programs an easier, more meaningful process.

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If you’ve been wondering how you’re going to stay on top of your planning this year, overthinking how to setup your learning spaces to support engagement or even found yourself procrastinating on what type of documentation tool you’ll use first… then this is the challenge for YOU! Because together we are going to create & customise your very own Educator Organiser… for FREE!
  • I know from firsthand experience that the amount of paperwork, documentation and planning required in this profession can seem overwhelming at times.
  • In reality, being 100% organised, prepared and confident 100% of the time is close to impossible with all that’s expected of you as an early childhood educator…

…But you can spend time on small bite size tasks that will actually help you continually grow your confidence, skills and learning…

…instead of finding yourself wading through the same old routines and using the same time consuming documentation tools and methods that will no doubt lead you towards yet another year of second guessing your planning, program and day to day practice.

And that’s why the 2022 Plan & Prep Educator Organiser will become your manual for an empowered, simplified and confident 2022.

A manual that you’ve put together specifically to meet YOUR individual strengths, needs and early years role… but also a portable resource library that you can continue to expand on throughout the year to continually save you time and simplify your planning. 

Sound Good? Enter your details below to join us MONDAY 21st - FRIDAY 25th February

Although this challenge is free let me reassure you that you’ll be getting access to professional quality training and resources all created in Jodie’s popular ‘Keep It Simple’ style. 

Educators around the world have found Jodie’s resources and training (free AND paid) helpful to their early childhood role. Take a look at what some of them have to say…

Christian Doe

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This is great to show how we can easily link everything together

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Very good, easy to follow, great information

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After completing this workshop, I feel enthusiastic again, ready to make some meaningful changes

THE CHALLENGE STARTS ON Monday 21st February 2022

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You missed out!

Join me in the challenge and learn how to compile an organised resource folder that will ultimately provide you with the personalised roadmap you need to confidently plan, prep and setup so you can consistently support playful learning outcomes and opportunities right from the start of 2022…

Even if:

  • …you’ve started a new role or moved to a different service,
  • …are now working with an age group you’ve never planned for before
  • …have never been responsible for writing the program on your own
  • …you’re happy with the documentation steps you use, but managing your time is always a challenge.

Here’s How The Plan, Prep & Setup With Confidence Challenge Works:

Register for the challenge by adding your contact information to any of the registration boxes on this page so you are ready to go on Monday 21st when we begin.

Then, on Day 1 of the challenge and every morning after that at 8am you’ll receive an email from me that shows you how to watch your daily mini tutorial video, open your challenge action guide and participate using the daily task resource so you can begin compiling your Educator Organiser.

After you register , you’ll then receive a confirmation email with details about how to access your special prep, plan and setup challenge portal when we begin on the 21st.

Plus, I have some awesome surprises up my sleeve for you, all you have to do is show up and have some fun completing the small daily actions.
You only need to set aside 30  minutes during each day to create your personal Organiser because I know how valuable (and stretched) your time is!

You’ll also receive a link to download your challenge quick start guide which includes instructions on how to join our Challenge Pop Up Group on Facebook.

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Meet Your Challenge Host & Mentor

Hi, I’m Jodie - an early childhood educator, mentor and blogger, always tired Aussie mum to 3 girls with a not so slight but obviously *mature & appropriate* crush on the boys from my favourite TV show - Supernatural.

When I’m not working, you’d most likely find me sipping on a glass of crisp chilled white with a wedge of castello white cheese within reach and watching a tv show with some sort of vampire action... I used to want to BE Buffy way back in the day.

Too much information? 

Ok. Let me tell you why you’d want to take part in this challenge with me instead.

I’m getting wrinkly.

Most of those wrinkles and frown lines were caused by working with other people’s children. True story (although I must admit having my twins when nearly 40 with a teenager already at home who was used to being an only child for 13 years also caused more than their fair share of crows feet if I’m honest).

Seriously though, I’ve been working with children and families in some way for over 35 years and that means a whole lot of lessons learnt, mistakes made and knowledge gained.

And now you get the benefit of that learning journey… and also the mistakes, did I mention the mistakes?

Yep, we all make them, but what I enjoy is helping educators to NOT make the same mistakes I have over the years.

I commit to this by supporting and mentoring thousands of educators every year through my popular website The Empowered Educator and practical blog posts, activity ideas, factsheets, free e-guides, online training, membership hub, e-courses, Facebook community, webinars and e-books.

I have worked in many different roles across the human services, family services and early childhood professions over those past 35 years so it's likely I have already walked in similar shoes to your own. I know what is helpful (and definitely NOT helpful or useful) to educators because I am one too.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though…

I’m definitely not the perfect educator or leader, nor do I have everything always figured out.

But just like you, I’ve learnt from those many ‘imperfect experiences’ over the years through trial and error and found simpler yet more effective ways to complete those tasks we often find ourselves procrastinating on and all too often throwing into the too hard basket to ‘finish when I get time’.

Except…that magical extra time never seems to arrive does it? And that’s why I’m so excited to share these challenge activities and resources with you so you can feel more confident and organised throughout 2022.

I hope to meet you soon. Bring a little Buffy or Spike Style Confidence with you and let’s kick that procrastination and paperwork overwhelm out the door in 2022! 😉🥳.

Questions Other Educators Are Asking…

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A personal note from Jodie…

I can’t wait to share this challenge with you when it begins on Monday February 21st - who says organisation and planning has to be boring or frustrating? 

Not me - because this is going to be more FUN than that 1 day last week when you actually left work on time because the child/educator ratio hit that magic number!

So…Want To Join me on the 21st February & Create Your Own Educator Organiser Folder?

Of course you do - it’s Fun, It’s Free and you’ll end up with a New Planning Resource to use!

I even have a few giveaways to share with you when we go live - you don’t want to miss out! See you there...