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Download your FREE Play at Home Toolkit and partner with families to extend & support children's access to simple, playful learning opportunities in the home.

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HUGE Toolkit Resource FREE for Educators, Parents AND Children 

Show Evidence you are Connecting & Collaborating with Parents & Children.

It is essential that we find ways to collaborate with and support families at this time to ensure children can still access playful learning experiences. 

Send out this free toolkit resource to your families to help them continue playful learning at home! Simply download as a PDF booklet then attach to an email to send through to parents and carers!

  • My Day Templates
  • Blank Activity Planner
  • Blank Routine Outlines
  • Type & Save OR Print & Write
  • Simple PDF format to share via email
  • Step by Step Tips for Use
  • How to develop a daily routine
  • How to build a 'Sanity Saver' collection
  • Simple Setups & Easy to Understand
  • Age Appropriate for Home Environments
  • Activity Planners with Learning Areas
  • Parents or Educators can fill in activities

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Includes Separate Guide for Educators

In this quick guide I give you a simple step by step pathway for how to get started using the free toolkit with your families and how you can provide even more help (& keep families coming back to you) with access to the Empowered Ed Activity Planner Packs & virtual play & learning resources .

My vision for this free toolkit resource was to make it easier for educators all around the world to support their families to keep children playing and help maintain those vital social connections!

A Simple Step by Step Pathway for Educators....

Downloading this FREE Play & Learn At Home Toolkit is going to give you the tools and knowledge you need to help maintain connections with families & their children already enrolled in your early learning service but currently unable to attend regularly due to events caused by the pandemic. It is also a valuable resource for educators to use with children attending care and as a fist step to interactive learning.

Connecting with children and teaching virtually is obviously very different to what many of us are used to in the early childhood profession - but it doesn't need to be overwhelming or leave you feeling out of control. Let's work together on what we CAN control right now!

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