Save time planning in 2018!

Get organised & plan ahead in 2018 with over 150 simple activity & extension ideas for baby and toddler play.
Budget Friendly Materials. Easy Ideas. Simplified Planning.

Stuck trying to come up with new ideas each week?
 Planning for Babies & Toddlers a challenge?

Find out how to plan simple play based activities for baby and toddler using everyday and recycled materials.

No time wasting setups. No lengthy materials required lists. No complicated steps. No need to buy new ‘stuff’.


The planner also includes strategies and suggestions for creating learning spaces for baby and toddler, getting outside to play (and not losing your mind), setting up smaller spaces within your room or outside and simplifying that weekly planning! There is also a list of essential resource cupboard materials to help you save time and reuse the same resources in different ways over and over!

There are 105 main activities and then even more extension suggestions to try out. I've included what I know helps me!

Jodie Clarke is an early childhood professional supporting educators who want and need to stay passionate about the work that they do! She has 30 years’ experience in the early childhood and human services sectors across many different roles. Jodie is Mum to 3 in Australia and regularly shares her insights, guidance and easy activity ideas for educators on the popular blog The Empowered Educator
The second book in the Play Prompt Planner Series was developed by Jodie after many requests from followers for a collection of easy activity ideas for Babies & Toddlers that didn't come with a huge list of expensive resources and complicated learning outcomes!!

How will this E-Book make my planning easier?

Play Prompt Planner #2 is a downloadable E-book in PDF format perfect for early childhood educators and parents wanting to offer engaging play based activities and experiences for babies and toddlers but not wanting to spend all their free time planning and setting up! Downloading and using this book will give you....

  • 105 play based learning activity ideas already linked to learning outcomes and goals. Over 150 activity suggestions in total!
  • A simple way to ditch the complicated codes, colour and number systems to connect observations and planning.
  • Extension & forward planning ideas for every activity – use the same basic materials in many different ways and save time and money!
  • Activities that only use simple, budget friendly materials – most are upcycled or recycled to encourage less waste and easily found in op shops or second hand markets. There are no complicated, over the top activities or huge resources required lists in this book!!
  • A focus on incorporating sustainable practice simply everyday through environment changes and materials used.
    Photos & step by step directions.
  • Activities suitable for Babies from 6 months through to Toddlers 2.5 years.
  • Planning and programming tips for the Baby and Toddler age group.
  • Strategies to help you get past the ‘it’s to hard to take them outside’ dilemma.
  • magic
    Ideas and reflection questions to help you set up or modify learning spaces for baby and toddler.
  • magic
    My essential resource cupboard list to get you started and stop you buying more ‘stuff’.
  • magic
    BONUS Safe for Baby Slime Recipes E-book,Getting started with Loose Parts Guide and Open Ended Material factsheet!
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    A fillable PDF programming template you can type straight into or simply print and write .



I'm not sure about buying online...what happens after I pay?

  • You will receive a confirmation email with an official receipt and links to simply click on and download the following files to your own computer immediately after payment is completed.
  • Play Prompt Planner #2 E-book in PDF format to download and save to your computer or tablet.Over 250 pages of ideas & inspiration!  
  • Blank PDF Program Template for you to use again and again. Type directly into template or print and write. All program boxes directly correspond to the 7 learning areas in the Planner so just choose a few activities from each section, add to program & you're done!
  • Safe for Baby Slime Recipes E-Book.
  • Open Ended Materials Factsheet with suggestion list.
  • Loose Parts Play Outdoors E-Book.

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  • 1
    Only 2-4 materials or resources needed for each activity.
  • 2
    Play based with a focus on recycled and upcycled  activities.
  • 3
    Easy to follow step by step instructions.
  • 4
    15 activities in each learning area ready to go on your program!
  • 5
    Extension ideas and suggestions for using the same materials for other activities.
  • 6
    Age guidelines for every activity to help you choose.
  • 7
    Quick and easy to setup and pack away.

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  • check
    Use the Play Prompt Planner to find an activity idea that corresponds to the learning outcome you want to plan for. 
  • check
    Follow the simple directions to set up your activity.
  • check
    Add to your weekly program in matching learning area boxes on template  - or use your own system!
  • check
    Explore extension ideas and suggestions to use the activity materials in different ways.

But how do I fit in activities each day?

I know exactly what you mean because I have been there too! There are endless nappies to change, spoon and finger feeding sessions (and then the clean up!), different rest and nap times, toilet training, cleaning toilets and nappy change areas, nurturing, drop off and pick up times, breastfeeding visits....did I mention nappy changes and cleaning yet?

I hear you! This is a challenging age group to plan for with all that educators need to fit in every day but it's all about incorporating activities and playful learning into the environment and day to day routines you already have in place NOT on top of it! And the key is to keep it simple. 

And that is why the Play Planner #2 will help!

You need quick to set up (and clean up!) activities that provide real opportunities for connection, nurturing, play and learning. You don't want to fuss around collecting numerous materials just so you can get started. You need a mix of easy indoor and outdoor activities because it can be hard to do both and most of all you want to make sure you are covering planning requirements....but not at the expense of the children missing out on your time...because frankly that is what they need the most and what parents expect from you!

It's exactly what I want when working with this age group and the reason why I have included the activities that have worked so well for me over the past 30 years. I have never needed expensive equipment, furniture or complicated activities to ensure best practice and wonderful learning outcomes for babies and toddlers and neither do you!

So let's make planning for babies & toddlers fun in 2018!!