Essential Educator Toolkit
E-Books, Weekly Plans & Templates!

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 Huge toolkit of templates, weekly plans, e-books & activity ideas!

What do I get in the Essential Educator Toolkit?
You will receive all of the following available for immediate download!

  • Programming & Planning - Finding Your Rhythm & Sanity E-book - walking you step by step through the planning cycle, observations, reflections and forward planning.
  • 15 Editable Templates - print and write or edit and save.
  • Guide to using Developmental Checklists E-book
  • Developmental Stages Checklist templates for age groups from 0 to 5 years
  • Sustainable Practice E-Book with easy to incorporate and try tips and over 30 activity ideas already linked to learning outcomes
  • Sustainability Resource Pack – with sustainable practice projects to try, activity ideas, parent letter templates, educator factsheets, A4 posters, printables and games
  • Play Prompt Planner #1 with 105 play based activity ideas already linked to learning outcomes and developmental areas with bonus extension activities.
  • Play Prompt Program Template - type or print and write.
  • 2 x Activity Plan Packs - activities and learning outcomes already entered into program templates covering 12- 16 weeks of planning. Linked to the play Planner so you can see how to do the activities and what materials you need for setup!

About your Author: Jodie Clarke

Jodie Clarke is an early childhood professional supporting educators who want and need to stay passionate about the work that they do! She has 30 years’ experience in the early childhood and community services sectors across many different roles. Jodie is Mum to 3 in Australia and regularly shares her insights, guidance and easy activity ideas for educators on the popular blog The Empowered Educator.

What are other educators saying about my E-Books?

The poster templates have been a great conversation starter with the children and parents since we began putting them up around our centre - the activities are simple to do too, who knew sustainable practice could actually be easy - thanks"

Antony - EC Educator

Love that you busted some of those EYLF myths I had been stressing about - I learn better with pictures and examples so I found your book really helpful - love your sense of humour too!"

Jaimie - EC Educator

Love the printables and the letter templates for parents - they are already beginning to respond to some of the initiatives we have been putting in place which is fantastic!"

Robyn - EC Educator

Why didn't anyone explain the cycle to me like this in college? Now it makes sense and I feel like I actually know why I'm doing all the steps! Thanks"

Jayne - OSHC Educator

I really struggled with getting ideas for activities and extending them.The fact the Play Planner is linked to the EYLF is a fantastic bonus. It has made my programming so much easier! I will be highly recommending this resource to anyone who is looking for a goto resource for activities

Linda - FDC Educator

This book is so inspiring and helpful for us busy educators. I have purchased it and it is awesome. I recommend it to any and all educators. I am looking forward to purchasing the next one. Jodie is amazing and has poured her heart into this book!!! So worth it."

Bella - EC Educator

Jodie has such an easygoing way of explaining things and her photos always get me inspired to try new experiences for my family day care children - Her passion for play based learning always shines through!"

Nicola - FDC Educator

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 Gain access to templates that will make documentation easier, activity ideas and projects, printables, checklists, strategies, guidance, weekly plans done for you and an experienced educator walking you through every step of the planning cycle visually so it actually makes sense!

You will receive all purchase details and links to download your e-books and templates via email shortly after payment so you can feel inspired to get going straight away! Payment via one step credit card or Paypal.

Still not sure?
This E-Book Programming Pack is perfect for you if....

  • You need observation, reflection, forward planning and weekly program templates you can edit to get you started. You need help with extension & forward planning ideasYou have been asked to focus on incorporating sustainable practice simply everyday.You’d like to learn how to program with Early Years Learning Framework Outcomes
  • You want to know how to link observations and reflections to your forward planning
  • You want a more efficient way to meet Learning Framework outcomes without needing to write confusing codes, numbers and symbols on your program.
  • You want to finally gain a clear understanding of what the planning cycle is and how you can make it work for you without the usual programming stress
  • You are interested in knowing what you REALLY need to do versus current EYLF myths and the endless ‘you have to’ information.
  • You want new activity, project, craft and game ideas to make and do with the children – in large or small groups.
  • You would find play based learning activity ideas already linked to learning outcomes helpful.
  • You want ideas for activities that only use simple, budget friendly materials.
  • You are looking for more information and resources covering learning areas such as composting, worm farms, chickens, saving power, conserving water, recycling, reusing, gardening fun with children and much much more.
  • You like easy to follow and use tips, ideas and templates to increase your parent and community engagement.
  • You want interesting outdoor and recycling projects to encourage children to become hands on, active learners.
  • You need help with extension & forward planning ideas
  • You are seeking a way to ditch the complicated codes, colour and number systems.