Every Single Month!

And BECOME the Empowered Educator that easily shows evidence of an ongoing, organised system and simple steps that consistently link observations and reflections to your program and close the documentation loop!

Without the second guessing, the anxiety, the frustrating 'what do I do next 'moments and the hours spent writing something that no-one seems to look at anyway!

If you are an early years educator, leader, assistant or coordinator, you probably already know that at the end of the day, being a confident and motivated early years educator doesn't just come down to how much you do or don't write, the certificates and diplomas you hold, your organisation skills or how many times you write a reflection and display a program with every box ticked on your noticeboard. It can be difficult to remember this sometimes though can't it - especially when you are not feeling good enough in your role anymore?

Sure those things do come together to have an  overall impact on your work and well-being but they don't give you the label of 'good' or 'bad' educator. 

Believing the myth that there is only one magical way to plan and program for early learning and giving up on the wonderful work you do with children because you feel like a failure at just 1 PART of your job will though!

The REAL reason you end up feeling overwhelmed  and lacking in confidence as an educator is this...

You know you are awesome when it comes to creating activities , nurturing and engaging with the children but when it comes to paperwork and planning requirements you don't understand WHY you have to do so much or HOW to even get it all done in the time you have and on top of all that, someone is always asking to see 'evidence' of your planning cycle with everything nicely 'linked' together even though it hasn't been explained clearly HOW to do that!!

Is it any wonder you are ready to give up?

After 30 years in the early childhood and family services professions I have felt the EXACT same way as you over the years. In fact, I actually went back to uni and studied a Bachelor in Human Services as I couldn't take the stress and poor pay of being in childcare anymore! But I went back a few years later...WHY? Because I love working with children and I'm good at what I do - and I'm pretty confident that you are too and want to keep trying or you wouldn't have spent your valuable time watching my workshop online or clicking over to this page!

Sound Familiar?

As an educator I know you always start out each week with the best of intentions whether you have years of experience or just a few weeks.....

  • You know you need to have a program ready to display but you never get time to do all the activities & no-one reads it anyway!
  • You know you are meant to be 'DOING' reflection but is that the same as critical reflection? Where to start?
  • You know you need to write a few observations  but end up frustrated because you are not sure how to use the template or app properly!
  • You know everyone uses digital tools now but you are still trying to work out how to use a computer !
  • You know you need to communicate better with families but it's so hard to get them to stop and listen!
  • You know you should prep for that assessment visit coming up but you are too busy with the children!

Yep you 'know' all this but these 'knowings' are causing you to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and possibly no longer good enough no matter what you do....when did  all this paperwork become more important than just playing and being present with the children in your care anyway?

“To become an empowered, motivated and fulfilled early years educator you first need to stop trying to do everything at once all of the time!”

With the right step by step support and tools covering literally EVERYTHING you need to know about how to observe, reflect, forward plan, write a play based program and set up learning environments while still spending the majority of your  time with the children in your care and doing what you do best - you will be back to your empowered and motivated self before you know it!

Is Doubt Creeping In?

You used to love this job but you are beginning to wonder if you want to keep going with all these new  documentation requirements and expectations. 

Perhaps you are happy with some of your planning but struggle to bring all the steps together and show how all this writing is actually useful to anyone other than your coordinator or assessor!

You might be wondering why other educators seem to have it all sorted but you always feel behind even if you know you are good at what you do.

You might have found yourself researching other jobs you can use your current skills , experience and qualifications for because childcare suddenly seems like to much work for the pay you receive.

Maybe you are at the point of no longer caring that you don't even understand that template or app you have been told you have to use.. "who cares if I don't really understand what I'm writing about to fill in the spaces - I just need to tick off those outcome boxes and cover myself!"

Any of the above sound familiar to you? Thought so! How do I know that?

Because I have felt that way too. Other educators around the world have felt some of those too and I know that because I receive emails from them everyday asking for help or telling me they are ready to give up on the job they once loved! Perhaps you are one of those educators who has asked for some help as you realise you are slowly losing the enthusiasm you once had for your work.

You feel this way because you are human - NOT because you aren't good enough as an educator!

You feel this way because...

  • You need to learn the basics of the planning cycle in a different way.
  • You need to learn how to balance the paperwork essentials with the need to be in the moment with the children.
  • You need to learn how to show an ongoing cycle of regular reflection and evidence of using critical reflection in your work.
  • You need to learn how to show clear links to learning outcomes without adding boring outcome numbers everywhere that parents don't even understand & don't read.
  • You need to learn how to use analysis of learning to inform your forward planning and extension activities.
  • You need to learn how to use some basic computer tools and digital apps  to keep up and write less.
  •  You need to learn how to write individual & group observations using different formats that work for you.

You need to learn all this without having access to an unlimited supply of motivation, time or patience.

You don't have time for 'here is just one piece of the puzzle' or missed steps that leave you right back where you are now. 

Been there done that - didn't work did it?

So let's make a change!

Are you ready to take part in a proven, step by step plan to make your programming , documentation and assessment not only easier to understand but faster to complete that ultimately leaves you with more time to spend with the children again?

If you are still reading this with me....

....I know you want to enjoy your work as an educator again. 

....I know you want to finally take control of the paperwork side of your role and feel confident again. 

....I know you want the waiting list that continues to build, the extra time to spend engaged with the children AND those Sunday afternoons where you sit down with the family and socialise rather than filling in forms and checking off boxes.

....I know you are willing to invest the time and energy as long as you are 110% confident that those actions will reliably produce life changing results for you.

....I know you're committed to 'doing the work' as long as you have the right plan of action and simple steps to follow that leave nothing out and nothing to chance!

And that's why I'm so excited to invite you to join me in my popular Planning Made Simple Quick Course for Early Childhood Educators!


The most comprehensive , go at your own pace, empowering, COMPLETE at home training program of it's kind, specifically created for early Childhood Educators all over the world who want to make their planning easier!

Programming Made Simple for Educators is the 'no tech skills needed' online course  that takes you step by step through the essentials of how to complete every step of the documentation cycle AND give you the simple to follow plan to get back out from behind that desk, spend more time engaging and growing with the children, feel less burnt out and get your work mojo and confidence back simply by better utilising the capacity for learning that you have and the things you already do well!

What will I get when I access this course?

If you are a visual learner with limited time for professional development then you will appreciate the flexibility, practical resources and guidance this training provides! 

You get access to EVERYTHING immediately after joining including :

The Entire Programming Made Simple Course

(Total Value $1147)

5 x Self-Paced Video Modules to watch and rewatch!
Certificate for 5 hours Professional Development.
E-Books, Communication Books, Checklists.
Action Guides with steps for each module
Planning Templates & Printables
Reflection Strategies and Tips            
Bonus Video Vault
Communication & Collaboration Tools

Do a little bit here and there or all in one go - the choice is yours!!

By the end of this course you will have learnt:

How to Modify & Personalise Planning

Find your Personal Programming Style and create a documentation system that actually works for you.

How to Close the Planning Loop

Identify and understand each step of the planning cycle and how it comes together to form an overall documentation system.

What Observation Format to Use

Understand the different child observation methods and how to write a meaningful observation

How to Meet EYLF Outcomes

Meet EYLF outcomes without needing to write confusing codes, numbers, symbols and checkboxes on your program

How to Link Documentation

Simply link all of your observations, analysis and forward planning together to show evidence of an ongoing system of documentation.

Time Management Skills

Make the most effective use of your time, templates and tools.

How to Analyse & Evaluate Learning

Interpret and analyse observations to guide your forward planning

How to Reflect & Show Evidence

Set up and implement a system of program reflection that takes only minutes every week

How to Save Time With Portfolios

Better understand the intention of child portfolios and if using them is necessary or time effective

Communicate & Collaborate

Use parent communication strategies to save documentation time and increase engagement

You don't want (or need) to reinvent the wheel and change everything you are just need some help to build on your current strengths and skills - especially with the planning and time management side of things... and Programming Made Simple will show you HOW to do that....quickly.

It's your time to start planning without the overwhelm and with the confidence and back to basics support you need to keep it that way! Your next action is simply to follow the step by step pathway that’s been working for hundreds of early childhood educators from literally every corner of the world.

What are other educators saying about this course?

Kirsty H


Kirsty now feels more confident & empowered..

"This was an excellent course. It helped clarify a few things for me, I learnt some new things and made me more relaxed about some of my planning methods. Thank you, Jodie, for helping me feel more confident and "empowered" in this area. I also really loved the way you presented the information- with pictorial examples of everything YOU do and making it clear that it is ok to have your own style."

Julie E


Julie now knows she can justify her planning..

"Made me feel more confident in myself and what I am doing already. Now I know I can justify how I am planning, what I am doing and why to anyone who enquires about my planning and programming."

Marie S


Marie now has lots of ideas to share with her scheme..

"Great that you have worked in so many different aspects of the sector and that your research stems from years of experience. Lots of ideas given to refine what we are doing in our scheme. Thank you"

“I was feeling overwhelmed and struggling every week.. This was causing me anxiety when it was my programming time , and due to this I was second guessing EVERYTHING I had written .I feel much more empowered now .... and yes! I was on the right track !!!”


What is inside the Programming Made Simple Program?

No Jargon. No Pressure. No Time Wasting!

Just simple tips and explanations from an educator who has been in your shoes and knows what works.....because I have felt the frustration and overwhelm too.

That's why I created the tools and time savers in the first place - to make life easier for me!!

And now I'm sharing them with you through the video sessions in:

 Programming Made Simple


Session 1 : Simplify the Planning Cycle Steps.

In this session I walk you through not only HOW to meet each of the planning steps including observations, reflection, forward planning, extending learning and analysis of learning but also WHY we complete these steps and WHAT they mean!


Session 2: Simplify Recording Observations.

In this session we explore different observation types and formats, the number of observations required, why 'meaningful' makes your forward planning easier and the questions you can ask to help you identify and analyse the learning that took place and any outcomes achieved.

In a new bonus section just added to session 2 you will find tips for planning with a 0-2 years age group, Multi-age group, OSHC as well as the 3-5 years age group. You will also find the templates and guides you need to walk you step by step through the observation step.


Session 3 : Simplify Reflective Practice.

In this session I share the information you need to confidently tell the difference between reflection and critical reflection and how to use both approaches in your everyday work.

I show you how to set up a consistent reflection cycle that doesn't take a lot of time out of your week, informs your forward planning, helps you to set goals and gain access to professional development opportunities!


Session 4 : Simplify Forward Planning.

In this session I show you how to utilise the different sources of assessment and documentation you are probably already collecting, organise them for easy access and then use this information to consistently inform your planning, help setup your learning environments, extend a child's interests, strengths and skills and save you programming time.

I give you ideas linking together observations, analysis and family communication to form a simple but effective system


Session 5 : Simplify Closing the Loop.

This is the session we bring it all together with clear examples and a step by step review of the main learning areas we have covered in each session.

I also give you some simple time management tips along with organisation printables, bonus videos and an action guide to ensure you come away feeling motivated and ready to start making some changes to simplify your planning....and ultimately save you time and a whole lot of stress!

About Your Course Presenter,
Jodie Clarke

Jodie has had 30 years hands on experience in the early childhood profession and already supported and mentored thousands of educators with their work through her popular website The Empowered Educator & Member Hub for Educators as well as practical blog posts, activity ideas, factsheets, free e-guides, online training, Facebook Community, webinars and e-books.

Jodie has worked in many different roles across the human services and early childhood professions including Case Manager, Project Officer, FDC Coordinator and Educator, Occasional Care, Outside School Hours Care, Family Support Manager, IHC Coordinator, Room Leader, Director, Assistant in centre based care and training facilitator to name just a few, so it's likely she has already walked in similar shoes to your own! Jodie knows what is helpful to educators because she is one too!

By offering this video course Jodie is now able to take you step by step through the basics of documentation and what you really need to know to finally get on top of your programming and back to what you actually want to be doing!

You will leave the course with plenty of actionable ideas to try and be inspired by photo examples, handouts, mini guides, checklists, templates and tools. 

What are other educators saying on their course evaluation forms?

“Explained in easy to understand steps without any jargon..”


“I wish that I had a magic wand to go back in time and do it 5 years ago!”


“Lots of fantastic ideas to go back and reflect on with my educators."


“Very simple wording and straight forward.”


“I'm so glad I did the training, I nearly didn't sign up”


“You made it very clear that programming does not need to be so complicated and I can just keep it simple.”


“Thank you Jodie, I think I finally feel confident to fulfill the complete planning cycle!


“ You helped me to step back & rethink how I was using the planning cycle!


“Very thorough and well presented!”


“Even though I have been an educator for 20.5 years I never felt confident or had the tools to complete the planning cycle, what I learnt from the training was I was only doing half of what is required, now I feel confident completing it. Thank you so much”


Join Confident Programming Made Simple Today:

and get...


When you add it all up that's a total value of over $1147!

But because I know what we educators get paid (and frankly, it leaves little for quality professional development opportunities!) on top of the added stress of the recent coronavirus crisis now forcing many of us to be stuck at home and unable to do our regular work with the children...I felt it was really important to make this course affordable and accessible to all educators.

So let's take this forced time of isolation and turn it into a positive by using that time to simplify your planning, organise that paperwork and check off some professional development hours from the comfort of home before you head back to work!

To achieve that goal - I'm giving you this opportunity to join us inside Programming Made Simple for the special promo price of just...$147




  • Lifetime Access to Programming Made Simple.
  • Immediate Start - Go at your own pace.
  • Access to All Videos & Modules
  • Access to Private Facebook Group &  Mentor Sessions.
  • Reflection Story Cards 

“Your presentation was very informative and I understood lots I am currently avoiding, thanks again”


“It was really helpful hearing about the planning cycle and not just reading it and making my own assumptions, having it explained verbally really helps”


“This was really valuable for me - I enjoy all the learning ideas and examples shared and I also feel the training is more valuable when done by someone that has been IN the field”


What others have asked before saying yes..

What if I’m not very good with computers or tech devices?

What if I’m told I have to do my planning in a specific way by my coordinator or director using only their digital tools or templates?

How many hours am I going to have to spend on this course? – I’m flat out trying to get everything done as it is. I’m just not sure I can fit this in!

I’ve seen other training sessions and resources online that tell me I need to do observations, forward planning, reflection and analysis of learning. Does Programming Made Simple do that?

Will I really have time to meet each step of the planning cycle?

Can you remind me what I’m getting when I register for the course TODAY:

What will you choose to simplify first?

All of the handouts and planning tools in Programming Made Simple are based on REAL resources that I have created for use in my own work over the years and after listening to fellow educators tell me what they are struggling with. I've used them across various roles and different service types including Family Day Care, Long Day Care Centres and Outside School Hours Care. They help me to simplify yet still cover what I need to and that's how I know that all of the tools you will receive access to in Programming Made Simple will do that for you too because I'm there in the videos showing you how to use them to help you put the strategies and tips I'm giving you into action in your own unique way!

Still a little unsure if this will help you?

My aim is to help you clarify, simplify and come out feeling more confident in your work - just like I do through my blog posts, social media posts and videos shared in the Empowered Ed worldwide community.

An awesome crowd of empowered educators, leaders, assistants and coordinators have already pushed the doors open to the Programming Made Simple Course in the past 3 years to see how they can simplify their planning and those educators saw how to spend less time writing while still meeting every step of the planning cycle right from the first few video sessions alone!

Take a look below and see if any of the areas listed are those you would like help to simplify too. Perhaps you have already been doing a few of them but are not really sure how to bring them together or make them meaningful - without spending hours on paperwork! Then this is definitely the course for you!

What would you like to be easier?

  • How to write individual & group observations?
  • How to analyse the learning from those observations?
  • How to use that analysis of learning to inform your forward planning and extension activities?
  • How to write engaging weekly or monthly programs filled with play based experiences that guide learning outcomes? 
  • How to show an ongoing cycle of regular reflection and evidence of using critical reflection in your work?
  • How to save time by using your family communication, engagement tools and experiences as part of your planning?
  • How to show clear links to learning outcomes without adding boring outcome numbers written everywhere that parents don't even understand!?

I walk you through the HOW by giving you:

  • Access to 5 comprehensive yet easy to understand, step by step video presentations you can pause, rewind or restart as needed.
  • PDF Handouts with guides, action steps and templates covering reflection, forward planning, observations, family communication and more.
  • Your Questions answered personally by Jodie (your presenter from The Empowered Educator) via email.
  • All Hours Access to view training videos on demand as you have the time and all materials for up to an entire year from purchase so you can work at your pace.
  • Information, ideas, examples and strategies that are easy to understand and try yourself.
  • No quizzes, no deadlines, no difficult questions to decipher - just strategies and ideas you can begin taking action on at a time it suits you!
  • Real examples and step by step strategies from an educator who has been doing this for 30 years now - trust me when I say I have figured out all the shortcuts and time savers!
  • And of course you still get the all-important certificate (for 5 Hours professional development by the way), to give to those who need to see them to prove you participated - but more importantly, you come away knowing HOW to do it over and over again for yourself and use what you have learnt to continually tweak over the years to come to suit your roles and needs as they change or mentor and lead others (just as I have).
  • Access to the exclusive programming made simple BONUS vault packed with additional videos, templates and e-books that will help you organise your paperwork and manage your time more effectively!

“I GET IT!!! I can finally see the steps and HOW to action them!”





  • Lifetime Access to Programming Made Simple.
  • Immediate Start - Go at your own pace.
  • Access to All Videos & Modules
  • Access to Private Facebook Group &  Mentor Sessions.
  • Reflection Story Cards 

If I Can Do This So Can You!

I want to let you know something Empowered Ed's...I’m not extra special. Not better than you. I’ve never had access to exclusive consultants, ‘easy’ groups of children, unlimited time or fancy resources. Through trial and error I created simple tools and systems that made work easier for me based on over 30 years practical, hands-on (often tearful)experiences in early childhood across a variety of roles. You don’t need to be an expert or love paperwork – that’s not me either so if I can do this so can you. You just need a roadmap like this course to follow and a little support along the way!

Let's Do This Empowered Ed!

Jodie Clarke | The Empowered Educator