How to manage your time and organise documentation using a step by step process!

Without the overwhelm, frustration and writer's cramp!

Finally! A simple way for Educators to catch up & get in front of  that paperwork 

Special Workshop Offer - $57

Are you ready to stop procrastinating, feeling overwhelmed or running to hide when someone mentions paperwork or organisation? 

Then make sure you join me in this special event 'Empowered Ed Summer School' Workshop so you can become armed with simple time management strategies and organisation tools that will ensure you don't spend another week always behind or wondering how to fit everything in around your important work with the children.

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Inside this easy to understand workshop I will walk you through:

The Exact Steps I Use

I have only ever shared these steps with my Member Hub subscribers. You can use the exact same system that I currently follow for my work!

How to Shorten Your To-Do List

I'm going to show you how to cull that to-do list and put strategies in place to ensure it never gets as big or overwhelming  as that again!

My Essential 'Task Tub' Strategy

This strategy is truly going to change the way you not only approach your day to day work with the children but also your planning & long term tasks.

A Little Known Secret I Call "The Educator Simple Schedule"

I'm giving you a step by step walk-through of how to use my 'Educator Simple Schedule Template' so you can start getting things done right away... (without the tears!) 

How to Stop Procrastinating.

We all do it! In this workshop  you will learn why we procrastinate and how to make a few simple changes that will ultimately help you feel less overworked and time poor!

How to Prioritise Tasks Using My Own Action Planner.

I'm giving you my action planner in Word document format so you can edit and modify to suit your needs. I show you how to use the planner to get into the habit of prioritising!

Ready to join me in the Workshop? You will get immediate access to everything...

Workshop + Templates  + Slides + Mp3 Audio + Certificate

You'll Walk Away From This Workshop Feeling...

  • Confident because you have the examples and steps to follow so you know HOW to set up your own!  
  • Free from that constant feeling of frustration and always playing catch up with paperwork
  • Motivated to create a schedule and action plan that suits YOUR specific and unique needs
  • Excited to do LESS of the work you don't like and MORE with the children because you know how to schedule your time more effectively.....all year long! 

Workshop + Templates  + Slides + Mp3 Audio + Certificate!

One Payment Only of $57

A Quick Note From Jodie ...

I'm Going To Be Very Honest With You Empowered Ed's........

I was very close to giving up on my early childhood career 15 years ago . I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and the perfectionist in me was not coping because I just couldn't seem to fit everything in no matter how hard I tried!

But I loved working with children so I decided I needed a way to organise my paperwork requirements around that part of the job...instead of 'on top' of it or just giving up!

I've tried a few different strategies over the years but the day I realised I had finally figured out a system that worked, that helped me get organised and stop spending so much time on paperwork outside of work hours I felt so empowered, confident and motivated again. And the good news for you is that I want to share that feeling with you so you don't need to get to the point of losing your confidence and mojo like I did!

know how organised you need to be as an educator to get everything done without spending half your weekend writing or trying to catch up before the children arrive to start a new week.

I know what it feels like to see that pile on your desk growing or be told you have an assessment visit next week and will need to show evidence of documentation and planning....not to mention your weekly program which isn't even written yet!

I know what it means to your mindset  and motivation level when you don't feel confident in your work or feel overwhelmed every time you look at your 3 page to-do list.

I know how to procrastinate with the best of them....I can put things off for a crazy length of time just because I tell myself it's too hard, too big or I don't want to!

No one is perfect when it comes to managing their time, certainly not me...But guess what? You can still feel organised and on top of your paperwork without having to sacrifice that important time you need to spend with the children. It just takes some simple tools, clear steps to follow and a few of the easy strategies I still use everyday in my work.

Let's make it happen in this Time Management Workshop 

Workshop + Templates  + Slides + Mp3 Audio + Certificate

One Payment -  $57

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