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Extended Magazine Edition 1:

Incorporating Sound & Music Into Early Learning

From fostering creativity and self-expression to promoting language skills and cultural understanding, the benefits of incorporating music into our programs this way are many and varied. But I understand that sometimes we just need a little inspiration to expand on what we’ve always done before, so in this week’s newsletter, I'm sharing a few ideas and tips to help you get started.

Extended Magazine Edition 2:

How To Create Opportunities For Open Ended Play

Using a bit of common sense and a few creative strategies to overcome the challenges, you’ll find the open ended play approach a very useful way to support learning outcomes across various frameworks, including EYFS, EYLF, Te Whāriki, and ELOF.

But what exactly is open-ended play, and how can we incorporate it into our early learning environments? Let's start by breaking down the basics…

Extended Magazine Edition 3:

Supporting Emotional Intelligence & Regulation

In this edition, we're expanding on our exploration of "Nurturing Emotional Intelligence in Early Childhood: Tools and Strategies for Every Age". While the regular Tips, Tools & Secrets newsletter provided a solid foundation, in the magazine this week we’re going to delve even further, giving you additional suggestions, practical strategies, AI tips, and reflective practice opportunities to strengthen your planning and interactions in supporting children's emotional regulation.

What will you find in this extended version of the newsletter?

  • Framework Connections: We'll link our emotional regulation activities and strategies to learning outcomes from EYLF, EYFS, ELOF, and Te Whāriki.
  • Inclusion and Diversity: Explore strategies and learning environment ideas that will promote inclusive emotional regulation support - no matter your early childhood setting.
  • Reflective Practice: I share some additional critical reflections style questions to deepen your understanding and use of the emotional regulation strategies given throughout this magazine resource.

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