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Working as an early childhood professional can be a challenge when you're trying to adhere to standards and frameworks, plan and write programs, communicate with parents or other educators AND create engaging learning environments on a budget with limited time available.
The good news is you CAN get in front with your required paperwork, manage your time more effectively and feel confident with daily, weekly and monthly planning expectations - you just need simple processes to follow and a few timesaving tools in your toolkit!

If you'd like a little help organising that paperwork, communicating with parents and educators and planning for intentional teaching experiences then you will find this resource bundle useful...scroll down for more details...

Get In Front Of Your Paperwork & Planning...

Manage your time more effectively and confidently complete all of the daily, weekly and monthly planning cycle expectations.

On Sale Now - $37

(Currently $197 in the Empowered Ed digital resource shop)

With this collection of easy to use professional development tools and step by step guides you now have all you need to become an empowered and confident educator who manages the limited time you have available in this job more effectively...

...and you'll no longer need to feel like you're constantly 'catching up' or looking for lost bits of paper to complete your planning cycle loop!

I put together this special resource bundle based on many of the templates and tools I've created and used for myself over the years when working as an early childhood educator in different services with different age groups!

And right now, you get to take 80% off the ENTIRE bundle as my thankyou for taking part in the survey and joining the Empowered Ed community...just click the big red button below to claim your discount!

How Will These Resources Be Helpful To You?

The bundle includes my popular Empowered Ed Organiser & Planner tool (RRP $75) - the ultimate planning and diary organisational tool that helps educators spend more time with the children and less time worrying about how to collect and show evidence of their ongoing planning cycle documentation. You can use this one year after need to buy new versions every year!

You also get access to the Critical Reflection Journal and Guide, Reflection Organiser and Professional Development Planner.

The Empowered Educator Reflection Journal doesn’t just give you a space to write reflections – it gives you the ideas, prompts and guidance so you understand HOW to reflect across different areas step by step and most importantly HOW to organise and use that information in your forward planning, professional development and then set realistic goals you can confidently achieve.

No budget for professional development right now? Here's a few other ways I can help you instead...

  • 1| Read a Blog on The Empowered Educator
    Pop over to the Empowered Educator website here and read a blog post that will help simplify your planning, create engaging learning environments or add play based activities to your programs.
  • 2| Connect With Other Educators In Our Facebook Group
    Network with other early childhood professionals from around the world, ask questions, share activity and environment ideas, fill your wellbeing cup and reignite motivation. Join In Here.

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