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Coming up with new play based activity ideas, experiences, prompts and invitations for your program week after week can certainly be a challenge.

And that's before you even begin to think about how you should setup your learning environment this week...what should you change, leave or add?
Let me reassure you though that creating opportunities for learning through play shouldn't be difficult, expensive or require a huge play space packed with only natural materials and resources though.

So if you'd like a little help with new play ideas and simpler planning for children 0-12 years across a wide range of early years services including centres, family daycare, preschool, kindergarten and outside school hours care then you'll find this Empowered Ed resource bundle useful...

Let's Keep Play Simple

This is everything early years educators need to incorporate engaging, play based learning experiences using simple materials into everyday environments... 

Special Price For You - $37

(Currently $197 in the Empowered Ed digital resource shop)

This play and planning bundle of digital resources gives you the tools you need to plan and setup simple, playful experiences that provide opportunities to meet learning outcomes but don’t need expensive resources, complicated prep time or a program that takes hours to write!

You'll never be short of engaging play-based ideas already linked to learning areas for a range of ages 0-12 years when you have access to all the resources in this huge playful learning bundle!

I put together this special resource bundle based on many of the templates and tools I've created and used over the years when working as an educator in different centres, and right now, you can get it on sale as a thankyou for taking part in the survey and joining the Empowered Ed community...just click the big red button below to claim your discount!

How Will These Resources Be Helpful To You?

This bundle includes simple active learning ideas and projects covering a range of different learning outcome and developmental areas that are sure to make your weekly or monthly planning faster and easier.

Just choose an idea and add to your program template!

There are hundreds of activity and extension ideas with easy to follow directions and suggestions covering outdoor play, dramatic play, invitations, setting up spaces, sustainability, fine and gross motor skills, sensory play and so much more!

Includes Play Planners #1 (Multi-age groups) & #2 (Baby and toddlers) giving you over 250 activity ideas linked to EYLF outcomes with added extension suggestions included!

You'll also get access to a 2-hour workshop training video...


+ Certificate of professional development and the accompanying resource booklet previously only available inside The Empowered Educator Member Hub for paying members.

No budget for professional development right now? Here's a few other ways I can help you instead...

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