Thank You for sharing your role with me!

Whether studying early childhood or beginning your early childhood journey as an assistant, it can all seem overwhelming at times - there is so much to learn and there are often high expectations placed on you that might cause you some confusion or a feeling of uncertainty at times.
The good news is, both roles as student and/or assistant offer so many opportunities to build your skills,  gain valuable experience and move into new positions within the early childhood sector.

If you'd like a little support to help you feel more confident with the planning basics and gain new ideas that will support you to further grow and learn...scroll down now for more details...

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I put together this special resource bundle based on the play ideas, planning tools and learning environment setups I've created and used over the years across many different age groups and roles.
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No budget for professional development right now? Here's a few other ways I can help you instead...

  • 1| Read a Blog on The Empowered Educator
    Pop over to the Empowered Educator website here and read a blog post that will help simplify your planning, create engaging learning environments or add play based activities to your programs.
  • 2| Connect With Other Educators In Our Facebook Group
    Network with other early childhood professionals from around the world, ask questions, share activity and environment ideas, fill your wellbeing cup and reignite motivation. Join In Here.

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