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Thanks for your interest in my free resource - 11 Ways to Record Observations guide - now you'll never be stuck using just one observation method again because you'll know how to choose the approach that works best for you and the children you're observing.

Would you like more help to make one or more of these other documentation tasks easier yet more meaningful, with less writing? 

  • Analysing & evaluating the learning and outcomes from your observations?  
  • Writing learning stories, anecdotal records & any of the other observation methods I've described for you in the free guide?
  • Summarising the information from your observations to inform your future planning and programs?
  • Bringing together your observations and other documentation to write summative assessments, transition to school statements and quality improvement plans.

I'd like to invite you to come on over and watch my new workshop so you can find out how to use artificial intelligence as your own personal planning & documentation assistant! 

⏰ For a limited time you can watch it on demand for just $6.99

2 hour workshop for educators

10 Simple Ways To
Use ChatGPT As Your
AI-Powered Early Education Assistant

No More Burnout...

Imagine having a dedicated planning cycle assistant, always ready to support you with writing program plans, documentation, assessment, communication, activity ideas, linking to learning outcomes and compiling individual learning experiences for each child…

That's what the ChatGPT Chatbot offers now to educators when you know how to use it - an AI powered tool that's redefining the education profession. And the best part? You don't need to be a tech whiz to use it! You just need some simple steps and examples to follow.
So join me in this innovative 'Let's Keep AI Simple' workshop presentation and I'll show you how...

recent workshop attendee feedback

What are educators saying?

“ The presentation was very helpful in educating me on the use of AI. I had no idea of all the things that we can do to utilise this powerful tool.  I don't think I will look back now, it is a life changer!"

centre director

- Lisa-

" Interactive, helpful and useful prompts to get us started with. Lots of thinking happening...I know exactly how to get ChatGPT to do what I want! Gosh this is going to save so much time and reduce my mental load!"

family daycare educator

- Amanda -

“ A great presentation that demystified something I have genuinely had a fear of. Thank you so much! I was a bit nervous about using AI but this workshop provided really informative ways of framing questions to get the best results which I can see will ultimately make a lot of my paperwork more doable."

preschool teacher

- Sue-

" It was ALL new to me, I am truly grateful for the informative session and the opportunity to explore this new frontier. Thank you for opening my eyes to the immense possibilities! Today I used it to write a notification for a recycling program I'm starting, the outcome was mind blowing"

family daycare educator

- Joanne -

“ Really interesting and looking forward to learning more...Everything from the night was new, it’s an amazing tool that I look forward to further learning about"

kindergarten teacher

- Gracie-

" I really enjoyed the presentation, it was engaging and I could have sat through at least another 3 hours talking about it I feel like I know how I can approach incorporating it into programming!"

educational leader

- Kylie -

Your Journey to AI-empowered Early Education Begins Here!

You don't want to find yourself left behind in this new pathway for educators so take 1 small step forward now by joining me in this visual learning workshop...

"10 Simple Ways to Use ChatGPT as Your
AI-Powered Early Education Assistant".

I'll demystify what might seem like confusing AI and ChatGPT concepts, turning them into simple, accessible language that even a 5-year-old could understand

(not because we’re clueless but because it just makes things easier when you break them down into simple steps with everyday language you and I use regularly as early education professionals!).

Together, we'll explore how AI Chatbots like ChatGPT can save you time, reduce stress, inspire new opportunities for early learning and re-ignite enthusiasm and satisfaction in your role.

Be inspired by the practical ways ChatGPT can act as your AI-Powered Early Education Assistant in this surprising online workshop. 

You'll discover what questions to ask the chatbot to help you quickly create personalised learning experiences, complete your many documentation steps, and setup more inclusive and engaging environments...while still using your early childhood training, expertise and knowledge of the child.

The Reality Of Day To Day In Early Childhood Right Now...

We've all been there - the mounting paperwork, the endless planning, the pressure to continuously come up with innovative activities, the struggle to find time to personalise learning experiences for each child and assess their progress toward learning outcomes. The juggling act of being an early childhood educator can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and drained. It can be a lot to handle.

The truth is, in the seemingly endless cycle of planning, daily routines, parent communication and cleaning, the joy of teaching and nurturing early education opportunities for young children can sometimes get lost and just seem like too much.

The reality is, without a solution, the pressure continues to mount. The cycle of planning, documenting, and executing becomes a relentless treadmill that leaves no room for creativity, innovation, or even rest.

But here's the good news. Everyone is now able to access AI chat technology and in this new workshop created especially for the needs of early childhood ed's, you'll discover a new approach to your role, one that uses AI to lighten your load and better support your practice & work/life balance.

When Is The Workshop?

This is an on demand video recording of the workshop presentation so the good news is you can watch whenever it suits your busy schedule. 

You'll find out how to use the ChatGPT AI (artificial intelligence) Chatbot to:

  • Analyse Learning From Observations & Learning Stories
  • Write Creative Programs And Activity Plans
  • Inspire Your Reflection & Growth
  • Align Confidently with ECE Theorists & Pedagogy
  • Promote Inclusivity & Diversity
  • Document & Assess a Child’s Learning Journey in Minutes
  • Increase Engagement in Learning Environments

What Do I Get?

  • Certificate for 120 minutes of professional development training.
  • Workshop Reflection & Action Guide
  • Interactive Workshop Guide of slides to help you continue the learning

Take a peek inside your workshop action and reflection guide...

Register now for just $6.99, and let's embark on this new professional development journey together!


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