Need some help with the basics? Use The Educator Toolbox!

Checklists that support & simplify tasks for educators just like you! "I'm tired of always feeling overwhelmed and never knowing if what I am doing is enough - I used to love my job but now I feel i've lost my mojo!"

Sound a little like something you might say? YOU NEED THIS TOOLBOX OF SIMPLE GUIDES!

Educator toolbox free download

This mini e-book guides educators toward best practices in four important areas :

  • Creating outdoor play spaces.
  • Developing a sustainability plan.
  • Simplifying steps of the planning cycle.
  • Daily reflection & organisation.

Use the Educator Toolbox to help you to stop overcomplicating and start simplifying and taking action! Includes bonus access to weekly newsletter packed with planning tips, play based activity ideas & freebie resources!

simplify the basics with the educator toolbox

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