YAY! Your Templates Are On The Way

And I'm THIS Excited That You're Taking Steps To Simplify Your Documentation & Planning!

Now Scroll Down For Your Next Steps

Here's What You Need To Do Now...

1. Check Your Email Inbox.

Go to the inbox of the email address you used at the checkout to purchase your templates and look for TWO emails sent by Jodie Clarke| Empowered Educator.

2. Open The Emails.

 One email contains your purchase receipt for tax purposes and the other email will contain your digital resource download link.

3. Click On The Buttons

That's it! Open the email with the subject line 'here's your essential templates'

You'll see 2 red buttons to click on inside the email that will open your zipped template folder and template guide pdf.

Don't worry, I give you the simple steps you need to download and save your new resources fast - you just need to dive into your inbox and open the email - it should be there soon!

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