The Visual System You Need To Make Your Planning Cycle Easier

Visualise It. Understand It. Write It. 

Don’t Overcomplicate It…

LEARN HOW With This FREE Planning Resource For Educators!

Do you get frustrated trying to meet outcomes and link together every step of the planning cycle with the current documentation you are collecting...even though you always seem to be writing or snapping a pic of play?

What if you could put together a planning and documentation cycle that actually saved you time and worked with your unique strengths and type of early education setting?

With this FREE Step By Step Planning

Cycle Visual Guide, you’ll be able to:

Illustrate and define each step of your planning and documentation cycle - so that you can decide whether the evidence you work so hard on collecting is meaningful and informing your forward planning.

Clarify WHY each step of the planning cycle supports the next & HOW they link together to support and extend a child’s learning journey and record their progress toward outcomes... making writing next week’s program and planning intentional experiences a whole lot easier!

Identify and visualise all of the current methods you use to document observations, communicate with families, forward plan, reflect and organise your time... so that you don’t need to double up on documentation and waste valuable time writing more than you need to.

Simplify some of those confusing planning cycle terms and expectations of each step... because you’ll see examples of documentation (and their purpose) broken down into each stage visually.

Show evidence of how you follow a process to consistently observe, notice, record, extend, reflect and plan using a variety of approaches that work for you... so that they flow together to create an ongoing cycle of planning, learning and assessment.

Close the documentation loop with confidence... because you understand how each step links to another, what type of information you need to collect and what tools and methods work best for your early learning service, children and strengths.

Ready to make 

your planning 

cycle visual and 

close that loop

with confidence?

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