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Join over 500 early childhood educators around the world already using The Empowered Educator Organiser !

Overwhelmed with paperwork?
  Feeling disorganised & always behind?

Not anymore! Get in front with required paperwork, manage your time more effectively and finally feel confident with daily, weekly and monthly planning expectations when you begin using the Empowered Educator Organiser!

Make 2018 the year you spend more time with the children and less time worrying about how to collect and show evidence of your planning cycle in the limited time that you have - 2 versions available to meet different educator needs.


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If you want to take control this year and finally get in front with required paperwork, manage your time more effectively and feel confident with daily, weekly and monthly planning expectations - you need the Educator Organiser!

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    Organisational Tools including calendars, to do lists, daily, weekly and monthly planners, checklists.
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    Forms and checklists for programming & forward planning. 
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    Tools to make communication easier between educators and families.
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    Forms to help you meet compliance requirements - additional information for family day care needs.
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    All documentation summaries, reflection, communication and planning linked together in the one document - never worry about showing evidence again!
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    Easy to use guides to take educators step by step through the EYLF outcomes and give input into a QIP process.


  • Understand the basics of the EYLF and plan activities and environment changes for each of the outcomes & general learning areas.
  • Use simple back to basics Weekly, Daily and Annual essential tools all in the one place to help you feel organised and in control.
  • Understand and reflect upon your current practice and help you to determine where changes or improvements might be made in each of the quality areas and how you can make those changes or improvements by using my simple  QIP Tool.
  • Keep track of your important dates throughout the year as well as Celebrations and Birthdays
  • Look up children's important medical and contact details at a glance whenever you need them.No need to wade through their files!
  • Keep an up to date record and evidence of all of your professional development and training hours for the year.
  • Know what you need to check off every month to remain compliant if working as a Family Day Care Educator - without having to always ask or look it up!
  • Plan and record intentional teaching opportunities, family and leader feedback, spontaneous moments and the children's voice.
  • Focus on just adding your relevant information into the checklists and templates already created and designed to save you valuable save time - no need to spend time on making it look professional, it's already done for you!
  • Keep a record of the observations recorded each week all in the one place to guide your forward planning
  • Write more effective observations while actually saving time by asking yourself a few simple questions each week.
  • Meet EYLF outcomes organically without needing to write confusing codes, numbers and symbols on your program.
  • Record your day to day program and practice reflections in just a few minutes at the end of every week.
  • Use simple parent and family communication tools to save documentation time and increase engagement
  • Implement a system of forward planning recording that takes only a small amount of time each week and shows an ongoing cycle.
  • Simply link all of your observations, analysis and forward planning together to show evidence of an ongoing system of documentation
  • Be ready each day before the children arrive by using my unique 'My Day Ahead' diary page.
  • Keep organised and ready for every week with to do lists, shopping lists, resource lists and a record of invoices and receipts.

Join over 500 family day care & centre based educators from Australia and around the world already using The Empowered Educator Organiser !

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Who is The Empowered Educator?

Jodie has 30 years hands on experience in the early childhood profession and has already supported and mentored thousands of educators with their work through her popular website The Empowered Educator and practical blog posts, activity ideas, factsheets, free e-guides, online training, Facebook Community, webinars and e-books.

Jodie has worked in many different roles across the human services and early childhood professions including Case Manager, Project Officer, FDC Coordinator and educator, Occasional Care, Outside School Hours Care, Family Support Manager, IHC Coordinator, Room Leader, Director, Assistant in centre based care and training facilitator to name just a few so it's likely she has already walked in similar shoes to your own! Jodie knows what is helpful to educators because she is one too!

By offering this organiser and planner for educators,  Jodie is giving you the tools to get organised, meet admin and compliance requirements, write a program that covers the essential learning areas all while continually compiling evidence of your commitment to an ongoing (and useful!) cycle of documentation. All in the one place!!


As a family day care Educator I've been looking for a realistic yet comprehensive diary/planner with everything in one place and after opening 'The empowered educator organiser' I knew I'd found the organiser I'd been looking for. 
It's easy to understand, It is well organised, It's perpetual (that will save me money every year)and it's affordable! It has everything an educator needs to remain compliant, up to date and maintain professional work standards! Can't recommend this organiser enough!"

Linda T

Finally a diary that also helps me with my planning each week! I like that everything is set out simply and I just use the pages that suit me and leave some blank. Also a bonus I won't have to buy again at the end of the year and I don't like to print stuff out so just keeping it on computer for now."

Sally J

I work as a room leader in a centre and am already feeling more on top of all the bits of paper and have cut out a lot of the extra admin I really didn't need because now it's all together for a change. I print if I need to as I am also using parts as a communication book - thanks, just got my director onto it!"

Rob P

The EYLF easy guide is just genius and I would buy the organiser for this alone! It has saved me so much time linking my weekly activities to outcome areas without needing to write all those numbers! The program template is also working really well for me and is helpful for forward planning as I've always struggled in this area. Thanks, have been recommending to others"

Connie T

You can tell that this has been written by an educator who has actually walked in our shoes because I'm finding everything just makes sense and is pretty useful. Feeling more confident when my coordinator visits now, just wish she explained it like this in the first place!"

Deb S


Can you check off the following documentation basics?

  • Individual & Group Observations.
  • Analysis of learning from observations?
  • Forward planning with extension activities?
  • Weekly program with play based experiences guiding learning outcomes? 
  • Regular Reflection
  • Family communication & opportunities for engagement?

Doing a few of the above but not really sure how to bring them together or​ make them meaningful?


Is perfect for you if........

  • You feel like you need to do better with your planning and organisation but just don't feel you have the time.
  • You'd like to access the essential tools that you need each day and every week with a few clicks rather than wondering where you put last week's information and wasting time finding everything before you can start again. See behind and forward at a glance!
  • You want an A4 sized diary and organiser with plenty of space to type or write what you need to.
  • You don't want to have to spend money year after year on a new diary and planner.
  • You work as a Family Day Care educator, early learning centre educator, Childminder, Occasional care or Outside school hours care coordinator, room leader, educational leader, director or preschool teacher.
  • You want to easily engage and communicate with families using your service.
  • You want to know the questions to ask yourself when you need to write consistent reflections and it has to take minutes not hours!
  • You want to drastically cut your programming and admin time down and stop doubling up on unnecessary paperwork..
  • You want to understand the EYLF outcomes better and see how easy it is to link everyday activities, environments and experiences.
  • You have been told you need to contribute to the service QIP document and ongoing reflection but it all seems to overwhelming.
  • You feel like this needs to be the year you recover your work mojo or you might just be looking for another job!.
  • You want to keep all of your essential paperwork in the one place that is easy to access and can be saved to refer to year after year.
  • You are struggling with how to show evidence of the links between your observations, analysis of learning and forward planning.
  • You want to become more organised by taking a few simple steps using checklists, guides and templates already provided for you.

Most importantly, you want to know what to do and how to do it quickly both daily and weekly, how to keep it all together in the one place throughout the year to show evidence and most of all, how to save time so you can stop feeling overwhelmed with the admin side of being an early years educator!

Spend less time programming in 2018!

GRAB IT AT $55 BEFORE IT DISAPPEARS THOUGH! Download the ultimate planning and diary organisational tool that aims to help educators spend more time with the children and less time worrying about how to collect and show evidence of their ongoing planning cycle documentation. You will also receive the new Educator Welcome Pack resource with your purchase during THIS WEEK ONLY!
Ditch the overwhelm and start the year feeling positive - SIMPLIFY is now your new mantra in 2018! Price will return to normal soon!

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You will receive a receipt with your Organiser & Planner download link the instant you purchase, so there is no waiting and wondering what is going to happen next!


What is inside the Organiser?

The Essential Tools Section

The Weekly Tools Section

The Daily Tools Section


  • 1
    BONUS step by step 70 minute walkthrough video on how to use the organiser and set up your planning system.
  • 2
    BONUS print friendly version of the organiser to help save ink for those wanting to print out to use as a hard copy.
  • 3
    BONUS welcome to work guide and printable pages to help leaders, coordinators and educators get organised with orientation processes. Add details relevant to your service, print and compile orientation folders ready to go! 


I've got answers for the most frequently asked!

Do I need the internet to add information into the organiser?

Not at all! Once you have downloaded your digital organiser to your computer (there are 2 parts so make sure to grab them both!) you simply open on your home computer or laptop to enter information - no need to be connected to the internet every time you want to look at something while working. To type into the organiser simply click on the grey shaded ares and start typing...all the formatting is done for you already!

What if I prefer a hard copy to write on?

Although this is predominantly meant to be used as a digital tool, to cut down on printing expenses and save you time you can certainly use it as a hard copy if you prefer. There are print friendly versions of the organiser (in black and white) included with every purchase so you can still save money on ink! Just print the pages and covers you need, add to a ring binder folder and set it up in a way that works for you. Add to your folder each week to everything all in the one place and cut through the paperwork confusion. You can of course also print in colour if you prefer or type into your organiser and then print to add to your folder. The choice is yours - you make it work for you!

How long will it take before I can get my organiser?

The organiser is a digital product and therefore available to download immediately after purchase - no waiting around for postage! Get started just minutes after you buy. You will simply click on the special download link in your receipt then save to your own computer files.

Can I use the organiser as a parent communication tool?

Parent and family communication is an important part of your role but it certainly doesn't need to be time consuming. The organiser includes my popular 'Our Day' communication template and a similar 'Our Day in Photos' template - just add your information, print to show parents or save ink and display via screen on your sign in/out table. There is also a parent communication log to record those important conversations and a 'family input' box on the program template so you will be well and truly covered!

Will I need to buy one year after year?

I know educators are on a tight budget and usually buying resources for play and the children comes first so I decided to make the organiser a perpetual tool - one that you can use year after year. Simply add your own dates into the calendars and you are ready to go for 2018 and beyond. No need to keep outlaying money at the end of every year on a diary anymore or losing valuable information you had recorded!!

Why are there two versions of the organiser?

There are two versions of the Empowered Educator Organiser because I understand that educators have different needs when working as an educator in Centre or Home Based childcare. I've included specific tools for FDC educators because they are also running a business and have additional requirements. Just choose the payment buttons above relevant to your specific role in either Family Day Care (home based care) or Centre Based Care.

Will the organiser help me with forward planning?

The short answer is YES! Forward planning is an essential step in the planning cycle but once you have your system in place it should be a quick process and not something to cause you stress! I've included a forward planning template and tools to help you spend just a few minutes each week on this area and still meet guidelines. Getting organised will help you in so many ways!

Will the organiser help Australian Educators to gain a better understanding of the EYLF?

I've listened to many educators telling me they are struggling to link activities to EYLF outcomes and becoming so focused on getting this right that they missing the spontaneous activities and time they used to be able to spend with the children. What most educators don't realise is that they are already meeting many learning areas just through their environment and everyday activities. I wanted to help educators make connections between basic activities and experiences and the learning outcomes and also help them to understand the framework and what is required as they 'DO' so I developed an 'Easy Guide'. I break the outcomes down into simple terms that are easy to understand and offer activity suggestions for each area to save you time as you plan.

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