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Behind The Scenes Planning

Frameworks - Examples Ebook


Includes BONUS Tips & Tutorial Video From Jodie

As a special thankyou for reading my Tips Tools & Secrets Newsletter for Educators (and because I know we're always looking for useful ways to make documentation easier)...

... I’m opening some of my own planning folders and giving you access to pages and pages of real examples and documentation step by step through visuals of my completed observations, programs, reflections, assessments & communication tools...all bundled into the one valuable e-book during this special Winter Weekend Sale where you can get your hands on all 127 pages in PDF format for just $9 -

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Confident or Frustrated? 

If you find it challenging to turn all that writing you do into meaningful information that actually informs your forward planning and supports a child's early learning journey then it's time to make a change... and this is how we make it happen.

Why make a change?

Because the planning cycle doesn't need to be overwhelming and finding out the documentation tools and processes that best suit YOUR individual strengths, service type and goals will give you the confidence you need to modify or create a system that works for you...not against you because it just leaves you feeling frustrated!

There are many different ways to collect the information you need to close the planning cycle loop and extend learning so there's no need to stick with one approach if it's causing you to spend more time stressing about the writing you have to do (and what to even write!)...

... instead of fully ENGAGING & INTERACTING with the children.


What If You Could Document In A Way That Works Better For You?

If you thought you could only write lengthy learning stories no-one ever reads, print out a photo collage everyday that uses up all your ink or compile a child portfolio that is so comprehensive and creative it should frankly be housed in an art gallery to meet all of those planning regulations, it might be surprising to realise that you could try something different.

Something that works with your strengths and fills you with confidence.

Just like the children we surround ourselves with each day - we as adults and educators also learn and communicate in different ways... so the way you choose to bring together the steps of your own planning and documentation cycle and show evidence of ongoing learning and reflection is your decision and always flexible.

Includes BONUS Tips & Tutorial Video From Jodie

127 Pages of examples and strategies in PDF format so you can read on your computer and laptop or take on the go with your tablet, ipad or mobile device.

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You just need the steps, visual examples, ideas for linking and strategies that are simple enough to keep you focused and thinking outside the usual planning box...

...explained by someone who gets how your brain works and knows you don’t have a lot of time for paperwork or the desire to write down something you'll probably never use anyway.

Make sure the documentation you do IS meaningful and informs your future planning...not a waste of your time. The work you do with young children is too important for that.

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Use this back to basics, step by step E-Book to motivate and renew your enthusiasm for planning as you support and extend a child's progress toward learning outcomes.

This comprehensive E-book resource has been put together for busy early childhood educators, students, teachers, leaders, and coordinators working in centre and home-based environments along with Outside School Hours Care educators.

You can easily jump to different sections throughout this resource to find framework and documentation examples suitable for Family Day Care,  Early Learning Centres or OSHC services...choose what will be most helpful to the role you're in right now!

If you are committed to setting up a flexible, personalised planning cycle using only tools and methods that work with your strengths and service type, saves you from unnecessary writing and fills you with confidence instead of frustration...

... the examples, tips, templates, ideas and colour coded building blocks in this special Behind The Scenes planning Cycle Framework E-book together with your free visual action guide will help you start taking action with small steps that make a big difference.