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Before you go and start using your mini organiser, I’d like to extend an invitation to join the waitlist for access to my new Organisation & Time Management resource - I'll be leading you step by step through a fun, interactive mini course packed with useful resources and achievable strategies that I’ve created especially for early childhood professionals so that you can confidently plan, prep and setup for playful learning outcomes as you begin a new year…

The Support You Need Even If You're An Educator Who...

  • …has just started a new role or moved to a different service,
  • …is now working with an age group you’ve never planned for before,
  • …has never been responsible for writing the program on your own
  • …is happy and confident with the documentation steps you use, but managing your time is still always a challenge.

Together we're going to create & customise your own Educator Organiser in the… Plan, Prep & Setup With Confidence Mini Course for Educators. 

The 2023 Plan & Prep Educator Organiser will become your manual for an empowered, simplified and confident 2023.

A manual that you’ve put together specifically to meet YOUR individual strengths, needs and early years role… but also a portable resource library that you can continue to expand on throughout the year to continually save you time and simplify your planning.

By the end of this mini course you’ll have created your own customised organisation and planning resource that will give you the headstart you need to:

Setup your play spaces indoors and outdoors to invite engaged learning

Write programs that spark curiosity and invite playful learning

Visualise and build your planning cycle

Set goals and create the action steps needed to achieve those goals

Organise your paperwork, documentation and communication tools

Sound helpful? It IS - because I created it for that very reason! And spoiler alert…it’s also a whole lot of FUN!

Registration isn’t open just yet but when you join the VIP Mini Course Waitlist below you’ll get special access to enrol and save your spot 24 hours BEFORE I open it up to the general public…you’ll also get:

✅ Access To A Video that takes you behind the scenes of everything inside the course AND a visual roadmap resource so you know exactly what to expect and what you'll be getting after enrolling so you'll already have a headstart before we even begin compiling your Organiser folder!

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I can’t wait to share this course with you when it begins at the end of January - who says organisation and planning has to be boring or frustrating? Not me - because this is going to be more FUN than that 1 day last week when you actually left work on time because the child/educator ratio hit that magic number!

Want To Join Me To Compile Your Own Educator Organiser Folder & Save Valuable Time In 2023?

Of course you do - it’s Simple, It’s Interactive - not boring AND you’ll end up with a New Planning Resource to use over and over throughout the year that will save you hours of time!

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