Would Access To 100's Of Play Based Activity & Extension Ideas Already Sorted Into Common Learning & Developmental Areas Make Your Program Writing Less Stressful?

Then keep scrolling down because this Empowered Educator Play Activities and Planning Bundle gives you the tools you need to plan and setup simple, playful experiences that provide opportunities to meet learning outcomes but don’t need expensive resources, complicated prep time or a program that took you hours to write...AND I'm going to tell you how to get it for $37 instead of the usual $297!


This resource bundle is specifically for YOU if you’re an Educator, Leader or Coordinator working in Family Daycare, Early Learning Centres or Outside School Hours Care who would find it helpful to access over 250 activity and extension ideas already categorised into learning and developmental areas to simply select and write on your program each week.

You will never be short of engaging play-based ideas already linked to learning areas for a range of ages 0-12 years when you have access to all the resources in this huge playful learning pack...

Workshop + Certificate


Play Planners #1 & #2


Visual Routine Cards


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VIP Insiders will receive a daily email from me with a tip on how to take that day’s challenge activities and extend them to make your Organiser and planning process even more useful and less time consuming each week for you. 

The VIP tips and template examples come from my over 30 years of experience working in early childhood and I love getting responses back on the impact they have had on Educator’s confidence when it comes to their planning and staying on top of the inevitable paperwork.

Lifetime Access To All The Challenge Videos & Resources


As a VIP Insider you can re-watch the step by step tutorial videos and our Q&A sessions anytime.

Need a refresher? No problem! Watch the replays!

Those who are not in the VIP Experience will only have access to the tutorial videos through to the end of the challenge, so I suggest upgrading to VIP now to secure these tutorials in your lifetime access online resource library if time is an issue for you. 

What’s Included in the Playful Activities & Planning Pack:

2 Hour Workshop Video

Get to know each other, win prizes, and ensure you get the most out of our 5 challenge days together during this fun Zoom party.

Play Planner #1 & #2

So you can continue to get your questions answered as you begin using your new Organiser resource and build connections with other VIP’s educators on a similar pathway to you.

Play Planner #1 & #2

Take each day’s challenge activities and extend them using my tips and examples to make your Organiser and planning process even more useful to you.

Play Planner #1 & #2

Previously only accessible in my Programming & Planning Made Simple Course I’ll show you how to find the observation method that works best for you and what you need to know before you can write a meaningful observation.

Lifetime Access To All The Tutorial Videos & Resources

So you can rewatch and review whenever it suits you!

Lifetime Access To All The Tutorial Videos & Resources

So you can rewatch and review whenever it suits you!

I really am so excited to go through this challenge with you - it’s been a bit of a rocky start to 2022 so far for educators and teachers hasn’t it? So let’s create something more positive (and dare I say it…FUN) together in February and continue into this year feeling more confident and empowered in what we can achieve when we’re organised and know we have a clear process to follow.

Over the course of the Challenge, I know you'll have some lightbulb moments, you'll feel more confident in your work, and you'll have the simple actionable steps and tutorials you need to help you compile and personalise your Educator Organiser Resource so you can plan, prep and setup for early learning with confidence throughout 2022.

I’ll be sending you a daily email with a link to watch your tutorial video and download your action guide each day so there’s no need to worry about what to do next - I’ll be leading you through the challenge every step of the way!  

I find connecting in real time is the absolute best way for me to answer your questions and break down action steps or strategies visually so you can confidently get on with what you want to achieve. I like to keep my steps, ideas and explanations simple… and above all, realistic, so there’s absolutely no reason to fall into that procrastination pit or worry about how to use this in your own early learning environment. 

Feedback forms tell me that’s why so many educators come back again and again to attend my online training and workshops…

Christian Doe

Mereani - Family Daycare Educator

This is an amazing easy step by step guide. Thank you for the presentation. Looking forward to more from you!

Barbara Lane

Thao N - Room Leader

Just follow the steps - there are examples so it's easy to understand.

Marie Jones

Nicola M - Preschool Teacher

It was full of practical advice and ideas. I am keen to continue my learning journey!