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Say goodbye to planning procrastination, paperwork overwhelm & weekend catch up sessions by using…

The 1 Folder Plan, Prep & Setup Organiser Solution

A simple to use system that makes planning, organisation and time management easier for early childhood educators, directors, coordinators, preschool & kindergarten teachers.

Want to find out how to put together your own Organiser Folder and step by step system so you can confidently plan, prep and setup for all of your early education role requirements?

(Without having to give up on quality interactions with the children, completing extra paperwork, or wasting precious out of work time on boring training strategies that aren’t realistic for an early childhood role and often just leave you feeling inadequate, uninspired or frustrated!).

I'll Show You How In The...

Plan, Prep & Setup With Confidence Mini Course For Early Childhood Educators

When you join us inside you'll unlock the power of my ‘Keep It Simple’ organisation strategies and conquer your planning cycle fears by putting together your unique version of a Plan & Prep Educator Organiser folder that will continue to grow with your future roles, experiences, strengths and needs.

And I know you'll be excited to find out how easy it is to do because you don't have the patience or mental energy for anything that's complicated or time consuming in your role right now!

The Plan, Prep & Setup Educator Organiser will become your manual for an empowered, simplified and confident year.

A manual that you’ll put together specifically to meet YOUR individual strengths, needs and early years role… but also a portable resource library that you can continue to expand on throughout the year to continually save you time and simplify your planning.

Sounds Helpful Right?

It is!... So I look forward to showing you how to assemble your own Organiser in the Plan, Prep & Setup Mini Course - enrolment for this intake is open now so you’ll get immediate access to all of the steps, videos, templates & printables as soon as you open your welcome email today…

As you progress through this go at your own pace mini course, you’ll create your own organisation and planning resource (I call it your Educator Organiser, but really, you can call it whatever you like!) that will give you the headstart you need to:


Setup your play spaces indoors and outdoors to invite engaged learning


Write early learning programs that spark curiosity, invite child led play and introduce intentional teaching opportunities.


Visualise and build your planning cycle so you meet all steps & show evidence consistently.


Set realistic goals and create the action steps needed to achieve those goals.


Organise your documentation and communication tools so that it’s always easy to find what you need (or show others as evidence) fast.

What early childhood educator, leader & teacher roles find my training sessions, courses & planning system useful?



Who was feeling a little flat with the style of programming she had been using. She didn’t feel it suited her style and had lost her motivation. After watching the training sessions she said she was feeling ‘excited and eager now to start afresh with my programming’.



Who discovered she was doubling up on parts of her planning process. She’s now simplified the process they use and her staff think it’s ‘simple & effective, AND it doesn’t take too much time to complete!”



Who used the ideas gained from one of the workshops to get her team thinking about how they set up an area to encourage more engaged play and they also learnt how to extend their indoor program to the outside environment.

So Why Do I Need An Organiser System?

Because no matter how many years you’ve been an educator, you’ve probably recently experienced at least 1 of the following...

The frustrating feeling of never being able to get everything done before the end of each week rolls around again...

Wishing that you felt more efficient and effective with the small amount of time you DO have available...

You're in a leadership role and need a better understanding of time management strategies so you can feel confident to pass this information and new skills onto your team...

Uncertainty about how to plan, assess and setup for multiple age groups...

Wanting to be more confident in your programming and documenting, but in reality, there is so much going on each day & your not sure where to start... so by the end of the week you end up not implementing anything at all!

I want to keep it real with you because there is no secret magic wand that gives you more time and less paperwork in this profession...

(regardless of what some others in this sector might promise you)...

We both know that being 100% organised, prepared and confident for 100% of the time is close to impossible with all that’s expected of you as an early childhood educator…

…But you can spend time on small bite-size tasks that will actually help you continually grow your confidence, skills and learning… instead of finding yourself wading through the same old routines and using the same time-consuming documentation tools and methods that will no doubt lead you towards yet another year of second-guessing your planning, program and day to day practice.

Putting together your own organiser in a folder format that you’ve customised to meet YOUR individual strengths, needs and early years role is how you’re going to change those frustrating outdated methods that just don’t support the time you have. 

Traditional organisation and time management methods might work for someone sitting in an office at a computer all day…but not you.

Your organiser folder will become a personal, portable resource library that you can expand on throughout the year to continually save you time and simplify your planning. You can choose to compile your Organiser system by accessing and completing the course content all at once or take it slow and go at your own pace diving in and out as you have the time - it’s entirely up to you!

No matter the pace you choose - at the end of this course you’ll have…

  • A folder set up (with YOUR chosen cover design) that gives you a simple way to organise and visualise your paperwork, documentation and communication tools.
  • A system that helps you to know at a glance where and how you’ll use them to complete your planning cycle steps whenever you open your folder throughout the year.



A simple way to prioritise your goals, identify your professional development needs and strengthen your time management skills as an educator.


A printable photo observation design template that you can personalise with your children’s images. Organiser title pages and planning cycle step dividers - edit text, colours and dates.


An indoor and outdoor learning environment engagement audit & reusable checklist to use monthly. Observation & analysis cheat sheet to make analysing learning easier & faster for you. 


A simple system that gives you the prompts to write a program that connects to a diverse range of learning outcomes for each child and a visual way to bring all the pieces of your planning together.


A set of customised printable folder covers, pages and colourful labels that will break down the planning cycle steps for you and show you how to connect your chosen documentation tools to the right planning step - ultimately saving you a whole lot of time, uncertainty and procrastination! 


A visual environment planner you can reuse again and again with The Empowered Educator ‘Visualise My Learning Space’ printables - movable images to help you set up and arrange your early learning room or FDC space throughout the year.

It’s Simple, It’s Interactive, AND you’ll end up with a New Planning Resource to use over and over every year that will save you hours of time!

And the best part? I want to make sure all educators can access this training no matter how small your budget so you get full access to everything inside this course when you enrol during this intake for… $21 instead of $97 😲

Enrol For Just $97  $21 Today

Yep, you read that correctly…there's no secret fine print here to worry about... so there’s definitely no need to procrastinate or put it off to do 'when you have the budget next year’...I’ve removed those excuses for you because I want you to have an easier, more enjoyable time in your role this year!

Think of this special offer as my personal thankyou for placing your trust in me when you requested a free copy of my Empowered Ed Mini Organiser.

And Because I Want To Make This Even Easier For You...

When you enrol in the Plan, Prep & Setup With Confidence Mini Course before your Subscriber Only Special 4 day deadline arrives, I’m going to give you over $300 in bonuses so you can get on top of your planning and time management even faster and easier by using these bonus tools to further customise your Organiser and planning to meet the needs of your current role… and come away with an understanding of how to modify it whenever your role changes…no need to buy a new Organiser every year!

(Value $250)

You have limited time for professional development right now but it's also what is going to make your job easier this year so I've given you lifetime access to watch the course videos and download all of the resources as you want them...come back as many times as you need! Simply login with your password and pick up where you left off each time.


You’ll Make Your Program Writing EVEN Easier With This Bonus Resource Bundle!

The Play Planners Bundle includes 2 huge e-books packed with over 210 play based activity ideas in total already linked to learning areas, forward planning ideas, templates, program tips and learning space setup ideas for early years educators working with ages babies through to 8 year olds in multi age group learning environments or baby/toddler rooms.

How Will You Know What To Do To Setup Your Organiser System?

The Plan, Prep & Setup With Confidence Mini Course teaches a keep it simple, 1 folder organisation solution that helps early childhood professionals like you create the extra time you need to successfully balance paperwork and documentation requirements with more time to engage in quality interactions with the children and set up your play environments to invite early learning.

And because I know you’re already limited with the time you have available each day, I’ve made this mini course SO SIMPLE by breaking it down into bite size pieces for you to complete as you have the time.

Take a look at the course visual roadmap below so you know exactly what to expect and how each session will help you with your time management, planning and learning environment setup. 

**You’ll receive a copy of this course visual resource in your welcome starter pack so there’s absolutely no need to worry about feeling confused or unsure where to start.

When you join me inside this interactive mini course, you’ll find out how to compile an organised resource folder that will ultimately provide you with the personalised roadmap you need to confidently plan, prep and setup so you can consistently support playful learning outcomes and opportunities right from the start of every new year…even if:

…you’re happy with the documentation steps you use, but managing your time is always a challenge

…you’ve started a new role or moved to a different service

…have never been responsible for writing the program on your own

……are now working with an age group you’ve never planned for before

enrol today & get Bonuses worth $325

In time management & planning support

This is something I would definitely recommend to my friends...

family daycare educator

I especially liked the way the workshop helped with becoming more organised and the steps to sharpen listening and observation skills...You've created all of theses wonderful tools and have kept it all realistic!

This is something I would definitely recommend my friends so as to make them more confident in their work.

This Is What You'll Get Full Access To Today When You Enrol At The Checkout...

Step By Step Videos

1 short video tutorial for each of the 5 course sessions - I share my strategies and visual examples, then take you through the action steps that you’ll use to compile your Organiser folder and clarify how to use it so you'll save valuable time.

Private Community

A place online where you can connect and chat with others taking part in the course and get your questions answered individually. Quick access via an app on Android or iOS smartphones

Visual Action Guides

PDF resources that give you steps to follow and the tools you need to make progress while keeping the course outcomes simple and useful to you.

Personalised Certificate

For 12 hours professional development in the areas of goal setting, documentation organisation, time management, learning environment setup, meaningful planning and the compilation of a personalised Educator Organiser.

Extension Resource Guides

PDF booklets that give you tips, strategies and resources so you can take each session's activities and extend on them to make your Organiser and planning process even more useful to you.

Templates + Printables

A compilation of session printables, PDF’s and Canva photo collage and page templates that have been designed especially to help you create your own Organiser system & save valuable time.

Together With The Step By Step Course Tutorial Videos That Make It Easy For You...


You'll personalise your folder cover template and find out how to set up your organiser in a way that links your documentation tools & processes to planning steps.


You’ll learn how to edit your own photo observation template in Canva following my step by step visual example then discover 3 strategies you can use to record more meaningful child observations you can use to extend learning.


You'll find out how to use the learning environment audit, visualise my learning space printables and 3 simple strategies to increase engagement and learning indoors and outdoors all year round.


By the end of this mini tutorial you’ll understand how to use your new Action & Reflection Quick Guide pages to clarify then breakdown your goals into smaller, more actionable steps that save you time and show clear evidence of how you use consistent reflection and self assessment to improve your practice.


In this mini tutorial video I’ll show you how to use the 10 Simple Sparks Guide to map out your forward planning, create playful connections to learning outcomes and make writing your programs an easier, more meaningful process.

someone who understands the stresses & pressure of documentation...

early learning centre director

I love listening to your webinars Jodie...It's great to hear from someone who is and has been at the 'coal face' and understands the stresses & pressure of documentation. Very comprehensive yet easy to follow!

Ready To Eliminate Unnecessary Chaotic Planning & Paperwork?

Turn chaos and stress into clarity, calm and confidence so you can be more organised, productive and motivated in your role... 

If you’ve been wondering how you’re going to stay on top of your planning this year, overthinking how to setup your learning spaces to support engagement or even found yourself procrastinating on what type of documentation tool you’ll use first… then this is DEFINITELY the right course for YOU!
Together we’ll create & customise your very own Personal Educator Organiser System so you can eliminate those tedious weekend documentation catch up sessions and take a long overdue break from planning procrastination, paperwork overwhelm and writing more than you need to.

No more overthinking how to setup learning spaces to support engagement or procrastinating on what type of documentation is necessary…


Take Control of Your Early Education Planning, Documentation & Time Management with the Organiser 1 Folder Solution


This Organiser 1 folder system has been specifically created and tailored to early childhood educators, so you can be sure that it will work for you -no matter whether you work in a Family Daycare Setting, Early Learning Centres, Preschools, Kindergartens or Outside school Hours Care Services.


The Plan, Prep & Setup With Confidence Mini Course isn’t just a collection of  pdf's to stick in a folder or binder and never use again…it’s the additional support & clear steps YOU need to also USE the ideas, strategies and resources for YOUR role within YOUR early education environment to manage your time and planning requirements more effectively...all year round.

Not sure if I can support your particular role as an early childhood professional?

I totally understand that because we are indeed a diverse bunch! So I'll let your fellow early childhood educators from around the world tell you in their own words how they've personally found Empowered Ed resources, courses and training helpful for their own early childhood roles…

Making sure everyone is confident in who they are and what they do...

early learning Centre ed leader

This was one of the best training sessions I have done in years. We received our A&R notice last week and while I'm confident in a lot of things discussed, this training has been amazing on where to next and making sure everyone is confident in who they are and what they do. As a leader it will help me make things clearer for them all.

This is an amazing easy step by step guide. Thank you for the presentation. Looking forward to more from you


Family Daycare Educator

Just follow the steps and there are examples so it's easy to understand


Room Leader

It was full of practical advice and ideas. I am keen to continue my learning journey!


Preschool Teacher

After completing this workshop, I feel enthusiastic again, ready to make some meaningful changes


Family Daycare Educator

Listen to Jodie Clarke, she has great information on the planning cycle



Highly recommend it! Training is detailed, focused, and practical, with pedagogical explanations.



Questions Other Educators Ask Before Joining This Mini Course…

There are some common questions that pop up everytime I open enrolment to a course so I've shared my answers to those questions below ...but if there is something else you need to know simply email me at [email protected] so I can get back to you with a personalised answer to your question.

How much time will it take me to participate in the course?

Is this course a good fit for my role or service type?

Ok, so how do I subscribe & get inside the course?

What if I’m not very good with computers or tech devices?

What tools do I need to view/download the course content?

How long do I have to complete the mini course sessions and activities?

How can I be sure you know what you're talking about?

Meet Your Course Creator & Time Management Mentor... 

Hi, I’m Jodie - an early childhood educator, mentor and blogger, always tired Aussie mum to 3 girls with a not so slight but obviously *mature & appropriate* crush on the boys from my favourite TV show - Supernatural.

When I’m not working, you’d most likely find me sipping on a glass of crisp chilled white with a wedge of castello white cheese within reach and watching a tv show with some sort of vampire action... I used to want to BE Buffy way back in the day.

Too much information? 😂

I'll jump straight to it - why would you want to participate in a course with me?

Truthfully...Because I’m getting wrinkly.

Most of those wrinkles and frown lines were caused by working with other people’s children. True story (although I must admit having my twins when nearly 40 with a teenager already at home who was used to being an only child for 13 years also caused more than their fair share of crows feet if I’m honest).

Seriously though, I’ve been working with children and families in some way for over 35 years and that means a whole lot of lessons learnt, mistakes made and knowledge gained.

And now you get the benefit of that learning journey… and also the mistakes, did I mention the mistakes?

Yep, we all make them, but what I enjoy is helping educators to NOT make the same mistakes I have over the years.

I commit to this by supporting and mentoring thousands of educators every year through my popular website The Empowered Educator and practical blog posts, activity ideas, factsheets, free e-guides, online training, membership hub, e-courses, Facebook community, webinars and e-books.

I have worked in many different roles across the human services, family services and early childhood professions over those past 35 years so it's likely I have already walked in similar shoes to your own. I know what is helpful (and definitely NOT helpful or useful) to educators because I am one too.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though…

I’m definitely not the perfect educator or leader, nor do I have everything always figured out.

But just like you, I’ve learnt from those many ‘imperfect experiences’ over the years through trial and error and found simpler yet more effective ways to complete those tasks we often find ourselves procrastinating on and all too often throwing into the too hard basket to ‘finish when I get time’.

Except…that magical extra time never seems to arrive does it? And that’s why I’m so excited to share these course activities and resources with you so you can feel more confident and organised throughout the whole of this year.

I hope to meet you soon. Bring a little Buffy or Spike Style Confidence with you and let’s kick that procrastination and paperwork overwhelm out the door! 😉🥳.