I knew you could do it! So let's get this outdoor play party started shall we?

I'm looking forward to connecting with you in the course soon. Bring a little Buffy or Spike Style Confidence with you and let's do this.... 

Help Me To Celebrate YOUR Growth As An Ed...

1. Choose, then right click on one of the images below that I've created exclusively for Ed's like you taking part in this course from all over the world and choose 'save as' to your device or computer. 

2. Show everyone how committed and empowered you are feeling by posting to your fav social media account or Facebook page/group and use the hashtag #empoweredoutdoorplay so I can find you and personally congratulate you on this huge step you have just taken & answer any questions you might have before getting started.

Can't choose? You have my permission to save all of them!

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How To Design, Setup & Program for Outdoor Spaces That Consistently Promote Learning, Exploration, Independence, Spontaneity & A Connection To Environment…

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Click On The Login Link 

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