How to Incorporate Simple Opportunities for Sensory Play Into Your Early Learning Program

Discover How To Introduce Experiences, Materials & Environments That

Give Children Everyday Opportunities

To Engage, Explore & Regulate Using

Their Sensory System. 

For early childhood educators, leaders and coordinators who want to incorporate different types of sensory activities, opportunities and experiences into everyday play...not only for children with sensory challenges but to support ALL children to feel calm, balanced, focused and ready for play.

I'm So Excited For You To Discover...

Why it's not just children who experience challenges with sensory integration who can benefit from sensory play and sensory rich environments, it's ALL children...and this 2 hour Workshop Presentation not only explains WHY that is - It also gives you the ideas, inspiration and real examples you need to walk away filled with enthusiasm and the motivation to create change in your own programs and environments. No big budget materials or hours of prep time required!

This is a brand new workshop presented in my usual ‘keep it simple’ presentation style with REAL examples and activities that you will actually be able to connect with and try next week in your own service with babies through to school age children. 

Yep, I keep it real AND simple - as EC educators, we don’t have the time to decipher complicated instructions and unnecessary theory nor the budget to purchase everything ‘required’ on a huge list of ‘essential craft materials’ for just one activity.

So, I’ve made sure this workshop gives you the information you need to take action quickly and put PLAY first - NOT unrealistic ideas you will never get the time or motivation to try. You’ll receive the information, ideas and inspiration you need to support sensory challenges & include opportunities for everyday sensory play into your program….realistically.

We’ve all written activities on our program some weeks that never seem to ‘get done’ (but they do look good on the wall don’t they? 😂)

That changes for you after this workshop because you’ll understand how to make sensory play and integration not only FUN but a part of your everyday play and routines.

What Do I Get If I Purchase This NEW

Workshop Video Training Pack For $57?

  • A downloadable e-book with slides from the presentation and even more simple steps and ideas to follow.
  • A 2 hour, highly visual training workshop presented by Jodie Clarke from The Empowered Educator
  • A personalised downloadable certificate for 2 hours of professional development.
  • A downloadable Mp3 file of the workshop audio so you can listen on the go.
  • A downloadable text transcript of the workshop presentation to refer back to in your own time.
  • New activity ideas and setup inspiration to try out in your own programs and environments.

What Will I Find Out In This Workshop?

  • How introducing different actions, toys, activities and finding the right intensities, frequency and duration can enable a shift in a child’s behaviour and regulation.
  • What age you *should* be exposing children to sensory play
  • How to incorporate sensory play routinely into your program – easily and cost effectively.
  • The basics of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and how educators can observe, identify and support those children experiencing sensory challenges.
  • Strategies to use in your program and environment so children can think, interact and play in the way they need to.
  • How to build a ‘sensory kit’ for play experiences.
  • Ideas for setting up invitations to play, explore and investigate with the senses. 
Why sensory play isn’t just ‘messy play’...and what to do if you have a love/hate relationship with mess.
The developmental benefits of sensory play and what happens when we create less opportunities for naturally occurring sensory play. 
Tips to regularly reflect on the information we gain from our observations through the lens of possible sensory challenges.
How I set up my own sensory provocations, learning environments and real play experiences in my own early learning service.

When you purchase this $57 workshop package you'll be getting… 

Immediate access to everything inside the workshop training package so you can login, watch the video and feel inspired with new ideas and strategies TODAY if you want to.

Video, text, audio, visuals - consume the information in the way YOU learn best.

This way you can go at your own pace and have all the resources, action steps and motivation right there at your fingertips before you have to write that next program or set up the collage table again.

What are educators telling us about Jodie’s Workshop Presentations?

Chantal now knows how to extend the resources she already has and repurpose to create new sensory opportunities for play.

“I loved seeing pictures of your resources, especially those that have been used for things other than their intended purpose. Also, seeing resources that I already have, but used in ways I hadn't thought of”.

Chantal D.

 FDC Educator

Tanya now has a clearer understanding of how to support sensory challenges in the ECE environment.

“Helpful information about how sensory play can help children who experience difficulties and anxieties”.

Tanya W.

Early Childhood Educator

Julie now knows how to build her own sensory toolkit with simple materials...

“The SPD information and the sensory tool kit were so useful”

Julie L.

Family Daycare Educator

Why did I create this workshop for educators?

Because sadly...exposure to sensory opportunities and play is declining.

And this is the main reason I am so passionate about sharing the benefits of sensory play with parents and educators. Over the past 35 years working with children I have noticed a real decline in spontaneous and naturally occurring sensory play opportunities for children.

After sharing many sensory activity ideas on my blog over the past 10 years I have had many emails and messages from both parents and educators asking me if messy or sensory play is really necessary and why I started offering it to my own twins when they were so young? 

The biggest argument I hear is that ‘my parents didn’t do sensory play, tubs and messy activities with me and I’m ok so what’s all the fuss about it?

That’s a good point, however, I’m willing to bet you spent a lot of time exploring and playing outside during your childhood though right? I know I did, and this offered us many natural sensory play opportunities that children often aren’t exposed to now on the same level of frequency….unless we as educators and adults make a consistent effort to provide access to those types of sensory experiences.

I’ve also seen first hand in my own family and with children in care how sensory processing challenges can affect a child’s behaviour, interactions and their ability to confidently play and learn in a way that makes sense to them.

I want to help you create change and provide more opportunities  for ALL young children to engage in spontaneous and naturally occurring sensory play - without it being stressful, time consuming or expensive for you.

And that's why I created this workshop and why I hope you’ll now join me on this journey.

When you leave this workshop I want you to feel…

  • Inspired to create experiences and environments that give children in your care more ways to ignite and use their senses.
  • Confident you will be able to observe and document red flags that could indicate sensory challenges.
  • Less concerned about messy play because you now have strategies you know you can use to make the process less stressful.
  • Motivated to set up your environment with budget friendly materials, invitations and areas that will encourage spontaneous sensory engagement everyday.
  • Enthusiastic and passionate about the action you can now take to help children who usually avoid or show distress when sensory activities are instead become part of the play in a way that works best for their individual needs.

There are so many possibilities and easy ways for educators to incorporate different types of sensory activities, opportunities and experiences into everyday play...not only for children with sensory challenges but to support ALL children to feel calm, balanced, focused and ready for play.


What Are Other Smart Educators Asking Before Purchase?


There is no set time as this is a pre recorded workshop video available to watch on demand (online) with a login password delivered to you after purchase is confirmed. 

*Please note that you will need access to the internet to watch the workshop and access your certificate and all handouts available for download


Providing sensory opportunities for children of all ages attending a wide range of early years services is vital (and a core part of many standards and frameworks by the way) so I’ve made sure this workshop is relevant for many different service types and roles including the following:

  • ELC Directors & Coordinators

  • Room Educators

  • Family Day Care Educators

  • Family Day Care Coordinators & CDO’s

  • Educational Leaders

  • Outside School Hours Care Coordinators & Educators

  • Preschools

  • Occasional Care Services


That’s entirely up to you - watch it once or as many times as you like with lifetime access online. You’ll also receive access to any updated presentation materials created. You can download the ebook, handouts and certificate then save to your own files so you don't need to login online everytime for future access. 


You will receive a certificate for 2 hours professional development completed for “ How to Incorporate Simple Opportunities for Sensory Play”.


You certainly do. After you click a button on this page then complete the 1 page checkout process, pop over to your inbox and you’ll see an official receipt (make sure to claim as professional development on your tax return!) and an email that contains all of your workshop login details along with a quickstart guide.

When you login you will land on your workshop training page and see the video, handouts and how to access the personalised certificate.

No need for any tech or advanced computer skills - you just need to be able to click buttons and press play!

Ready to meet your sensory play mentor?

If we haven’t met while looking for our buried feet in a sandpit or climbing through a tunnel that is obviously too small for adults before...

Hi, I’m Jodie - an early childhood educator, mentor and blogger, always tired Aussie mum to 3 girls with a *mature & appropriate* crush on the boys from Supernatural.

When I’m not working you’d most likely find me sipping on a glass of crisp chilled white with a wedge of castello white cheese within reach and watching a tv show with some sort of vampire action... I used to want to BE Buffy way back in the day.

Too much information? 

Ok. Let me tell you why you’d want to train with me instead.

I’m getting wrinkly.

Most of those wrinkles and frown lines were caused by children. True story (although I must admit having twins when nearly 40 with a teenager already at home and used to being an only child also caused more than their fair share).

Seriously though, I’ve been working with children and families in some way for over 35 years and that means a whole lot of lessons learnt, mistakes made and knowledge gained.

And now you get the benefit of that learning journey… and also the mistakes, did I mention the mistakes?

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Yep, we all make them, but what I enjoy is helping educators to NOT make the same mistakes I have over the years.

I commit to this by supporting and mentoring thousands of educators every year through my popular website The Empowered Educator and practical blog posts, activity ideas, factsheets, free e-guides, online training, membership hub, e-courses, Facebook community, webinars and e-books.

I have worked in many different roles across the human services and early childhood professions over those past 35 years so it's likely I have already walked in similar shoes to your own. I know what is helpful (and definitely NOT helpful or useful) to educators because I am one too. 

I hope to share a workshop session with you soon. Bring a little Buffy or Spike Style Confidence with you.

Want to watch it now? Tap or Click the big button below to unlock the workshop and watch...anytime.

Workshop Feedback

What Other Educators Say About Jodie's Workshops....

Jenny is ready to get back to basics and try new ideas...

“All the practical hands on tips and ideas were so helpful. Going back to basics”.

Jenny F - Early Childhood Educator

Wendy is feeling motivated and inspired to try something different now...

“The whole session was great, I got so many great ideas from this webinar”

Wendy F - Coordinator

Annette is now approaching sensory challenges with confidence and a new perspective...

“all of it was helpful... gave me lots of things to do with my children that have challenges”

Annette S - FDC Educator

Could It Be This Easy To Access Training?

YES! Why? Because I love simple, I love giving educators information and resources I know will help them in short ‘no jargon allowed’ visual presentations.

And I am always excited to be able to offer ALL educators - no matter where you live, an opportunity to access professional training in the form of online workshops in addition to my blog posts, courses, digital resources and Member Hub portal for early childhood educators.

I know what it’s like not to be able to access high quality relevant training because you live outside of the city areas...I have lived in small towns with only a community hall and general store (and 4 pubs because...well...Australia😂🦘) 

I still live in a regional area so I was excited to start presenting and offering online training options for educators across all roles at least 6 years ago...way before the pandemic made it a necessity for everyone.

And now YOU get the benefit of that experience Empowered Ed.

Take the REAL ideas and examples you see in the workshop and modify them for use in your own unique early years environment....

If you are ready to embrace simple setups and planning while also removing barriers to sensory engagement and integration... then I look forward to sharing this presentation with you.