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Scroll down to watch the step by step getting started videos before using your new templates.

Get Started With Canva Templates

Watch the short tutorial videos below for help setting up your free Canva account and using the basic design and edit features to personalise your templates in the Canva designer.

For more detailed information about individual templates please make sure to watch the specific tutorial video by clicking on the button link included with each template purchase.

Please note there are some visual references to the separate Educator Canva Template Hub pages and buttons during these videos and to avoid confusion know that those only apply to our Canva Hub subscribers, not individual TPT template purchases. 

I reassure you that ALL of the information regarding setting up your actual Canva account and copying your purchased templates remain the same process for all.

How To Upload Photos

How To Change Fonts

How To Set Up Folders

If you'd like to learn more about an Empowered Educator Canva Template Hub Subscription you can do that here

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