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Hi, I’m Jode….Welcome!

I work with children and parents and until recently was running my own family day care business here in Australia. I also blog, create digital resources, workshops and online training courses for early childhood educators who love their profession but might be struggling with time management, feeling uninspired in their role and trying to complete all the paperwork and regulation requirements expected.

I know that educators are totally over losing their hard earned down time so my e-books, printables, workshops, training courses and resource packages empower and support them to get what they need to done…without sacrificing precious family or free time!

How do I know this? Because I have been an educator for over 30 years now. Oh, and I am a Mum to twin 6 year olds and a teenager. Arguably the toughest role I have had in my 30 years of experience and that includes leading baby and toddler rooms in child care centres in a month of rainy cyclonic weather…I know you understand what I am getting at there!

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Through my blog posts and resources I give parents and educators the tools, ideas, pictures and information so they can…

  • Have more fun with the children they love and care for, while still meeting the expectations and responsibilities of their individual roles.
  • Embrace play based learning and all that is has to offer to children – without becoming overwhelmed
  • Use recycled materials to create DIY resources, games and activities for children
  • Make the most of outdoor play spaces and provocations
  • Get the necessary paperwork done efficiently and effectively while still allowing for plenty of ‘on the floor’ play and learning time with children.
  • Learn easily through visual examples and completed templates and forms

So what makes me think I’m the expert then?

That’s a good question. I guess my passion for children makes me an expert. My passion for supporting educators and parents to embrace play with their children and showing them how to do it through my writing and presentations makes me an expert. My 30  years of experience and understanding of this profession makes me an expert.

Or perhaps it doesn’t. I personally don’t get hung up on terms such as ‘expert’ and neither should you. What is important for you to know since you have landed on this page is that I know what I am good at and I like to share, support and teach others. End of story.

For those that need to know more…and I know some of you do….here’s a few ‘serious facts’

  • I hold an Associate Diploma in Education (Child care)
  • I hold an Advanced Certificate in Child Care
  • I hold a Bachelor of Human Services Degree
  • I hold 2 x 7 year old twin girls and a teen on their bad days….on their good days they might hold me!
  • I have worked as an Assistant, Room Leader, Director, FDC Coordinator, IHC Coordinator, OOSH Coordinator, Project Manager, Service Manager, Family Day Care Educator, Presenter and Speaker in the Early Childhood and Community and Family Services fields.
  • I have been blogging now for over 5 years.
  • I am the author of 4 E- Books, A Postnatal Depression Workbook (& DVD) and a picture book for children.

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And when I’m not working and playing with children, writing blog posts, sharing on social media, presenting workshops, creating digital resources or working on my next book I can usually be found…..

  • Digging in the vegetable patch or somewhere else among our 8 acres
  • Sewing (very easy) clothes for my twins
  • Baking and cooking with produce from our garden
  • I also love to read but rarely make it past two pages since the twins were born…not sure why that is!


If you’re dying to know more, (you obviously need a little more excitement in your life…) here are 3 things you probably don’t know about me…

  • I LOVE 80’s music and movies – Flashdance, Footloose and The Breakfast Club truly excite me
  • I went to the toilet once, looked out our bathroom window and fireworks began going off – true story…but now I am always seeking that sort of recognition when I head to the toilet…and am always disappointed. Go figure.
  • I’m pretty sure that every weight loss gimmick and program I have ever tried has been seriously flawed…because none of them have worked yet and I am still ‘cuddly’. What’s the odds on that?!
  • I am most happy with a glass of chilled white in my hand, feet resting on the verandah while I watch the sunset and listen to the kookaburras we have surrounding us here. Well, I think that is actually a scene I disappear to in my head as my kids scream Mum for the 100th time that day but it’s such a nice place to visit…truly.
  • I never go to bed before midnight – the hours of 9-12pm are MY TIME for writing and creating and just being me. I will not give them up….the children have been informed of this rule obviously.

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Work with me or come play with me right this second by…

Visiting my resources and training  page

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Want to contact me? (I know right…why wouldn’t you?)

You can email me at:  [email protected]

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2 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Hi Jode, I see your girls are 5 now! Most posts I have read re food and spd were when Ruby was 2. I’m wondering how she’s going now? Do you have more recent posts regarding this? My son is almost 4 and has been terrible with eating since 1 year old. It gies through ups and downs but even at it’s best is so far from where I’d like to be. He isn’t diagnosed with spd but totally fits the bill. My main problem is to get him to try things. I know there are things he’d like (as they’re similar textures etc to what he likes) but he almost never tries them. Woulf love to see an update !

    1. Hi Nina, I haven’t shared any updates recently as I began focusing more on sharing our play adventures and activities here on the blog but many people have asked me about Ruby’s progress so I am planning a little update post about how she is going now and the things that kept working the best for us 🙂 She is actually doing really well now so the perseverance was worth it – we just need to be careful with new foods, smells etc but she regulates that herself pretty well now and often says ‘yes I’m alright with that’ after smelling or doing a tiny taste so in that regard it has gotten easier thank goodness.
      I’ll share a new update for you soon but I will say hang in there because we have had really good results just by keeping up with all those tips I mention in my SPD and food type posts here on the blog.just keep taking one step at a time, he will get there because I never thought we would with Ruby and yet she is a fantastic eater now and i have trouble with her twin who used to eat everything haha! Thanks for your feedback, wishing you lots of luck on your own journey with your own son, I know it can be so frustrating xx

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