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Calling all early childhood educators and teachers who want to change the process of linking their documentation & assessments to learning outcomes from frustrating or time wasting to easier and more meaningful…

Unlock A Simpler, Visual Way to Connect Your Programs, Planning & Assessments To Early Learning Outcomes…

Without needing to write a number beside every activity, memorise every outcome or waste time you don’t have, to first decipher the language of the EYLF so you can clarify how those outcomes connect to the ‘on the floor’ reality of your early education role, service type and resources available.

Imagine It's Time To Write Your Weekly Plan Again...

And yet you're not feeling the usual uncertainty about how an intentional focus activity you’ve planned or a child observation you’ve recently documented connects to specific early learning outcomes for that fact, you've already moved onto writing down extension activities for your next program & using the documentation sources gathered last week to assess and highlight the progress children are making on their individual learning journey's...

…and all it took was using a toolkit of resources along with a simple system that showed you how to make children’s learning visible, create meaningful displays and link to learning outcomes with ease…

As Early Childhood Educators, You & I Both Know That…

We often feel bogged down by the burden of having to constantly assess, plan and show evidence of how we’re linking our programs to the early learning outcomes…often without even feeling certain that what we are doing is enough for the children in our care. 

And this confusion, frustration and uncertainty can lead to wasted time and energy as educators struggle to make sense of the language and indicators used throughout frameworks and standards - (especially the recently updated Australian EYLF outcomes) and tend to second guess how to link activities and experiences to learning outcomes effectively.

I wonder how many of the statements below you could say YES to?

  • I regularly spend hours trying to link children's work, observations and assessments each week but still not really sure if I’m showing enough evidence of how the experiences are helping children reach their learning goals? 
  • I often feel overwhelmed when I try to make sense of the Early Years Learning Framework outcomes
  • I'm unsure how to link core early years learning outcomes with my planned or spontaneous activities and experiences.
  • Often the tediousness of having to focus so closely on linking my documentation and activities to the outcomes causes me to overlook some crucial factor in a child’s behaviour or development and this is neither beneficial to the child I’m supporting or me as the Educator trying to plan forward.
  • I don’t feel confident mentoring other educators in how to meet learning outcomes and use them throughout their documentation

So, What Was Your 'YES' Score Out Of 5?

If it was more than 2, then thankfully this learning outcomes resource toolkit is just what you need - and it’s SO OK to need some extra support in this area because linking to learning outcomes and understanding all the different frameworks, standards and principles (and how they can even relate to your day to day practice and reality of on the floor, not a minute to stop usual routine!) IS CHALLENGING!

But you’re not powerless…you can turn this around and reignite your confidence in this area...

…And I’m going to show you how…with a simpler approach that makes it easier for you to plan for and connect to early learning outcomes…and you can actually start using it today.

I created this resource to help early childhood educators quickly connect their plans and activities to core early learning outcomes and make children's learning visible through a range of visual tools and materials that come together to help you navigate the myths and expectations associated with many of the early years learning outcomes. 

These tools have been designed to help you break down the framework language and indicators you follow into simpler to understand blocks…making it easier for you to understand how to effectively link activities and experiences to learning outcomes.

Let Me Introduce You To >>>

The Learning Outcomes Made Visible Toolkit

This easy-to-use, professionally designed toolkit of templates, prompts and printables provides early childhood educators and teachers around the world with everything they need to plan for, connect and communicate early education learning outcomes - including the Australian EYLF.

You’ll be able to simplify the process of connecting and extending your planning, documenting, evaluating and reflecting using the learning outcomes by first making children's learning visible so you can SEE the steps.

This includes updated EYLF outcomes for Australian educators, visibly linking observations, reflection and assessments to early learning outcomes in easy to relate to steps. 

With the Learning Outcomes Made Visible Toolkit...

You'll have all the resources needed to confidently plan for early education learning outcomes and make children's learning visible. This approach ensures an easier time when it comes to tracking children's progress in relation to early years learning framework outcomes, behaviours and developmental milestones.

Use the colourful printables, stickers and other materials in the toolkit to help you create step by step, meaningful displays of each child's learning and development. These types of displays help you as an early childhood educator to have purposeful conversations with parents and carers about their child's development. 

Support a sense of belonging and help families feel more connected to their child/children’s early learning journey… you'll be able to provide them with a more realistic and simple way to identify and celebrate the various ways their child is learning through ‘just playing’

And when I say a ‘Toolkit Of Resources’ I mean it.

This isn't just a couple of printable labels or posters.

You get an entire collection of tools I’ve bundled as one because they work together as a system - making it simpler for you to personalise and select what works best for your early education role. 

Take A Closer Look At Everything You Get With The Learning Outcomes Made Visible Toolkit…


My Learning Journey Poster & Card Set

Designed to support the creation of meaningful, easily understood visual displays of children's learning through the use of images and display cards with easy to understand references that link those snippets of play to learning outcomes.

The 'Look What I'm Learning' posters are provided as a printable version as well as an editable Canva templates option that you can easily customise by dragging in photos of your children to fill the frames.

The printable cards include text from a variety of EYLF early learning outcomes, core early childhood learning outcomes familiar around the world and schema behaviours already inserted for you, making it easy to create individualized wall displays for each child AND...

Helping you as an educator gain a better understanding of how core learning outcomes, play experiences and schema behaviours can come together to create a visual learning journey (no need to remember or write numbers next to a photo!)

The 'My Learning Journey' set also helps early childhood teachers and educators explain to parents and carers how their children are benefitting from early education through play even though there are DEFINITELY no worksheets, flash cards or phonics required!


'My Work' Children’s Display Cards

Designed to assist you as an early childhood educator to encourage children to take ownership of their work and support agency by providing the option of selecting their own personalised photo card to 'sign' their work. The cards support a sense of autonomy and ownership in the learning process. 

You’ll create personalised children's display cards that they can clip to their work using pegs or paperclips, providing a valuable way for children of all ages and stages to decide what they want to label and help them take ownership of their learning visually.

You can also use the cards to seek out the children's opinions and voice on what they would like you to include in a wall display or similar - why not use the my work cards together with the speech bubbles pack (also included in the toolkit) to include a story in the child's own words.

Also provided in this resource is the option to use the professionally designed templates in the Canva design editor to easily
customise each card template with different fonts, background colours, text, and photos.


Playful Learning Outcomes - Icon Sticker Set

Designed to help you recognise and communicate the different ways children are learning through their play - in a fun, visual way.

They are a handy visual tool for your own documentation and paperwork and an
easy way to 'label' your observations, forward planning and programs so you can see at a glance the learning that you are planning for or reflecting on. 

With colourful icon shaped images that can be easily printed on sticker paper or printer paper, you’ll find them simple to apply to observations, forward planning and programs. 

Using the stickers regularly will strengthen your understanding of how to connect play experiences to core development and early learning by keeping it simple - and not just focused on checking off framework specific outcome numbers.


EYLF Learning Outcomes Sticker/Label Set

This is ideal for early childhood teachers and educators following the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). It comes with visual learning sticker/label sets that are colour coded to make it easier and faster to link early education documentation to the five EYLF outcomes. 

The labels can be used to align early education programs and assessments with the outcomes, as well as apply them to summative assessments, reflection forms, children's work samples or portfolios.

The labels could also be added onto a list of common early education activities and experiences you regularly use for quick reference. 


Evaluation & Visual Prompts Printables

Designed to help you to analyse the learning taking place that you have collected through child observations & other assessments.

3 part visual resource pack includes the following tools that work together to create a simple process to analyse and link learning taking place:

  • Easier Evaluation Quickies
  • Individual Learning Journey Updates
  • Display Card Blanks + Prompts

You can use these prompts to help you analyse and reflect on the learning or developmental milestone reached, decide whether the information gained from the observation is significant and jot down a few ideas for your future planning to extend or support this child's learning goals and interests.

I've provided you with some core early childhood and EYLF outcomes phrased in easier to understand terms so you can quickly connect children's work and images to learning outcomes & gain a clearer understanding of how the spontaneous and intentional learning opportunities you create contribute to early education.

Use the various blank speech bubbles to record the learning in the child's own words or tell an easy to understand, visual story for parents and carers to review.

Ready To Make Learning Visible Again?

Swap pages and pages of writing for a more meaningful and engaging way to connect early education experiences to playful learning outcomes & include the child's voice

Meet Your Toolkit Creator & Learning Outcomes Mentor... 

Hi, I’m Jodie - an early childhood educator, mentor and blogger, always tired Aussie mum to 3 girls with a not so slight but obviously *mature & appropriate* crush on the boys from my favourite TV show - Supernatural.

When I’m not working, you’d most likely find me sipping on a glass of crisp chilled white with a wedge of castello white cheese within reach and watching a tv show with some sort of vampire action... I used to want to BE Buffy way back in the day.

I’ve been working with children and families for over 35 years and that means a whole lot of lessons learnt, mistakes made and knowledge gained...

I commit to helping educators to NOT make the same mistakes I have over the years by supporting and mentoring thousands of educators every year through my popular website The Empowered Educator and practical blog posts, activity ideas, factsheets, free e-guides, online training, membership hub, e-courses, Facebook community, webinars and e-books.

I have worked in many different roles across the human services, family services and early childhood professions over those past 35 years so it's likely I have already walked in similar shoes to your own. I know what is helpful (and definitely NOT helpful or useful) to educators because I am one too.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though…

I’m definitely not the perfect educator or leader, nor do I have everything always figured out.

But just like you, I’ve learnt from those many ‘imperfect experiences’ over the years through trial and error and found simpler yet more effective ways to complete those tasks we often find ourselves procrastinating on and all too often throwing into the too hard basket to ‘finish when I get time’.

Except…that magical extra time never seems to arrive does it? And that’s why I’m so excited to share this toolkit of resources with you.

I hope to meet you soon. Bring a little Buffy or Spike Style Confidence with you and let’s kick that uncertainty and time wasting writing out the door! 😉🥳.

Who is The Learning Outcomes Made Visible Toolkit for?

The Learning Outcomes Made Visible Toolkit is specifically designed for teachers and educators working in the early childhood profession who want to ensure they are providing programs and experiences that support children to reach their goals and progress through the relevant early learning outcomes. 

It's perfect for Australian educators who want to use the updated early years learning framework (EYLF) outcomes but don't know how, as well as educators and teachers around the world who might be feeling uncertain about how to effectively link their documentation and children's activities to core early learning outcomes…without spending all their time writing or missing out on quality interactions with children.

With The Learning Outcomes Made Visible Toolkit, early childhood teachers and educators have a powerful tool to help them plan for and connect to early education learning outcomes realistically— making it simpler than ever to communicate visually HOW a child is learning through play.

Ready To Simplify & Visualise?

Imagine confidently linking a child’s actions, behaviour and development observed through their everyday play to early learning outcomes in a matter of moments… so that you can come up with interesting extension ideas for your forward planning and that in turn makes it so much easier to write next week’s program.

All because you now have the tools and steps needed to simplify and visualise the learning taking place and SEE the connections that have occurred between the incidental and intentional learning experiences completed…and most importantly, where each child is on their own journey toward these learning outcomes…and what you need to do next.

Not to mention finally being able to show your cycle of planning and how you are supporting, challenging and extending each child’s early education growth and learning with the wonderful work that you do with them every single day.