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Welcome to the 'Early Education in the Age of AI' podcast.

Join me each week, as I break down early education topics and strategies into simple steps that empower educators, teachers and leaders to confidently embrace, adapt and master the use of ethical AI strategies to support early learning.

In every show you'll get new prompts, tips and realistic examples to try from a certified AI ChatGPT expert AND early childhood professional with over 30 years experience, that you can use to make your planning, documentation and day to day practice easier with AI as an educational assistant by your side.

I can't wait to inspire you!

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Episode 6...

AI Strategies To Create More Inclusive and Diverse Early Education Environments

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  • what's it about?

00:57 How AI Can Support Inclusive Early Childhood Environments
01:43 Understanding AI and Its Role in Education
02:17 Practical Applications of AI in Early Education
04:46 AI and Inclusive Practice in Early Education
09:49 Practical Examples of AI in Early Education
17:40 AI and Cultural Inclusion in Early Education
18:18 Avoiding Tokenism in Cultural Inclusion with AI
21:20 AI as a Starting Point for Cultural Inclusion
24:45 Respectful Use of Aboriginal Art and Crafts
25:42 Avoiding Tokenistic Use of Cultural Patterns
26:10 Exploring Cultural Connections through Food
26:36 Incorporating Traditional Games and Art into Play
28:53 Building Relationships with Local Communities
29:16 Avoiding Tokenistic Attempts at Inclusion
33:21 Incorporating Scaffolding into Everyday Activities
37:01 Using AI to Support Inclusion and Scaffolding
38:52 Practical Examples of Scaffolding in Action

Episode 5...

How Educators Can Use ChatGPT AI Vision Technology To Analyse Observations & Improve Environments

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  • what's it about?

 Episode Highlights:

[00:00:08] Introduction to AI and its relevance in early education
[00:01:37] Overview of the episode's focus on Chat GPT Vision
[00:05:49] Emphasis on AI as a collaborative tool for educators
[00:10:15] Detailed walkthrough of using Chat GPT Vision for documenting a child's artwork
[00:13:13] Application of Chat GPT Vision in improving play areas
[00:18:20] Addressing common concerns about AI in education
[00:24:29] The importance of using effective prompts with AI tools
[00:32:16] Chat GPT Vision's role in supporting children with special needs
[00:43:06] Strengthening learning through observation and analysis with AI
[00:52:17] Using AI tools to align observations with educational frameworks
[01:00:12] Ethical and practical considerations when using AI in education
[01:03:08] Encouragement to embrace AI as an educational ally

Episode 4...

How AI Can Make Intentional Teaching Easier for Educators

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  • what's it about?

00:08 Introduction to AI in Early Education
00:56 Exploring AI Chatbots as Personal Educational Assistants
01:24 Understanding the Principles of Intentional Teaching
01:50 Overcoming Challenges in Intentional Teaching with AI
01:56 AI Chatbots: Potential and Practical Applications
02:21 AI Chatbots as Time Management and Stress Reduction Tools
03:22 Reviewing the Concept of Intentional Teaching
10:08 Challenges in Implementing Intentional Teaching
12:53 Overcoming Challenges with AI Chatbots
22:18 Practical Tips for Experimenting with AI in Education
33:36 Ethical Considerations in Using AI in Early Learning
37:42 Conclusion: Embracing AI in Intentional Teaching

Episode 3...

How AI Can Make Transition To School Planning Easier for Educators

Episode 2...

How AI Can Help Ed's Support Children's Sensory Integration

Episode 1...

The Mindful Educator's Guide To Food In Sensory Play