10 Favourite Fussy & SPD Toddler Finger Foods!

At a recent early intervention class for Ruby we reviewed her sensory eating challenges with the feeding clinic staff.

We discussed the foods she is eating, foods she will now touch and food she still won’t even look at. There are foods that still have a certain smell or texture that she doesn’t cope with and sometimes on those really frustrating days i do wonder if we are making progress.

As i began to talk with the feeding clinic team about the foods i have been offering and some of the Strategies I Use to encourage her to eat and also increase the variety of  meat, vegies and pulses (even though she usually doesn’t make that connection!)…. i began to realise that we have made progress and she is eating some nutritious homemade food even though it may not be in the form i would prefer!

I know because of the lovely comments on this blog and my Facebook Page that there are many parents out there that are facing the same struggle with their toddler’s eating….whether it is due to just being a fussy eater, particular food/oral aversions or the broader sensory challenges of SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).

So i thought it might be helpful to gather together some of my more successful finger food recipes enjoyed by the toddler twosome and share them with those also facing the frustration and tears of toddler eating!

They all contain hidden (or at least a little disguised by other dominate ingredients) fruit, vegetables, pulses, cereals or meat….sometimes all of the above. The difference is they are in finger or self feeding type foods as i find it VERY difficult to get either twin to eat from the bowl!

Obviously i would prefer to have the toddler twosome eating their vegetables off the plate but for now these recipes have at least allowed me to get some nutritious foods into them and also introduce some new tastes, smells and textures. We are making progress and celebrating a breakthrough occasionally along the way.

Perhaps one might work with your fussy toddler….I’d love to know what your toddler’s favourite finger food or dinner is too so please share links for all of us to visit in the comments if you have a recipe or blog post.

Now let’s get cooking and stock that freezer!

Fussy SPD Toddler finger foods

Yummy chocolate tasting muffins that contain a cup and a half of green vegetables…they will never know the good things they are eating!

These were a huge success in getting Ruby to eat different shaped and textured pasta as she won’t pick it up when offered on a plate. I added a few vegies to up the nutritional value!

Some fun ways of incorporating rice or other grains into a fussy toddler’s diet…of course there are the usual vegies hidden in there too!

A yummy way to get some iron and protein into the fussy ones! I always keep a bag full of them in the freezer now!

Tasty little morsels packed with fruit, almond meal and bran…perfect no sugar treats for morning or afternoon tea!

Quick and easy to whip up for those frantic nights when you are just too tired but want to offer something that covers all bases! 
For those struggling with sensory issues these fritters have a crispy outer with a chewy centre. You can add the ingredients your toddler feels ‘safe’ with first and then go from there. The bacon offers a crunchy texture to the inside without being too lumpy or overwhelming.

A little crunchy twist on the plain potato wedge!

A tasty little muffin packed with vegetables, ham and cheese. They are soft but have a little texture to them to provide a bit of a challenge to work those oral motor skills. For those with an aversion to soft mushy foods or harder, crunchy foods these are a great middle ground…and a good opportunity to get more vegies in!

This easy recipe was our first success with Ruby eating chicken meat that wasn’t minced or hidden. They are moist on the inside so don’t need to much chewing but they have a lovely crunchy, salty crumb which Ruby prefers. Tara liked hers cut in half like nuggets but Ruby liked holding the whole stick. They also freeze well!

A lovely little snack for the lunchbox full of fruit and vegetables and just the right size for little hands!

I hope you found a few useful ideas in the list above…for more toddler food inspiration you might like to visit my Pinterest board…
Good Luck!

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Warm Wishes…

6 thoughts on “10 Favourite Fussy & SPD Toddler Finger Foods!

  1. Thank you for this list. I have a child who is slowly eliminating nearly every food. Hoping the patties work for us. Muffins are still a no; I presume because there’s no crunch.

    On a side note, where did you go to get the SPD diagnosis?

  2. I noticed you showed some images of some lovely little multi pot/ whole plates/bento box style, I cant seem to find the image again on the site but was keen not only on where you purchased the plates but what your daughters were eating…..desperate for ideas! I have 5 year old twins boy/girl. My son has SPD and is of course fussy-central with eating, my daughter is a bit better but still particular. Love your site. Jules

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