Weekend Wallabies & Wanderings……

We saw some lovely sunshine this weekend so the family really enjoyed having fun in the fresh air without rain for a change…unfortunately by Sunday they both seemed to have come down with colds…only mild so far thank goodness…twins with colds is just not fun and they both want mum to themselves…all day….!!!!

Here are a few snippets from our weekend….i mainly stayed away from the computer of which i am most proud of….it really did allow me to just relax and be with family and get some of those jobs done that are always easier with another set of hands around!

This cheeky wallaby poked his head over the back fence Saturday morning to say hi!

 Was probably heading to the side yard where he can get to the vegetable patch!

Having some fun with paint and chalk on the chook tractor…..

 Note we have to have both chalk and shaving brush of paint going at the same time!

Let’s throw in some fingerpainting too!!!

Looks so much nicer now……

Shaving brush painting is one of my favourites for toddlers…so easy for them to hold and move around and they hold lots of paint so you don’t need to necessarily leave the paint there the whole time…..

We enjoyed a visit to our local toy library and borrowed some lovely new toys to discover over the next few weeks……do you have a toy library in your community?
This wooden dollhouse is proving very popular…so amazed they are old enough for these activities already!!!

These ‘stained glass’ blocks are providing endless open ended play opportunities and when the sun streams through in the afternoon and they light up they are even more special!

A little bed and highchair for the ‘bubbas’…Tara is really enjoying her ‘bubba’ play at the moment and likes to arrange everything just like mummy…melts my heart to watch her kiss them on the forehead! Do need to keep my eye on the thrift shop for some dolls though as i would like to have some they can use in the bath or with water play too. Do your toddlers have a favourite doll? The large one in the bed below is Miss Teen’s ‘big babe’….couldn’t bear to part with it apparently!!!

We also had some fun with the new chalkboard Daddy made for us and fixed to the fence outside at just the right height for little people!(No Tara can’t write her name yet…Miss Teen had fun here too but wouldn’t be caught in a photo!)

The frame is made from recycled pallet boards sanded, painted and fitted together….

Has a fantastic little ledge for chalk and a duster…..and provides much organising fun for Tara!

We used up some old exterior housepaint we had lying around and just mixed it with a little grout which makes a great chalkboard surface without the expense of buying blackboard paint…..love being able to use up things around the house instead of buying!

These girls are very lucky to have such a handy Daddy!

We are also loving our swings at the moment and it is helping Mummy get a workout in just pushing us both every morning…and afternoon…and anytime anyone is outside really!!!!

Some colour creeping into the garden after all that rain…..

And finally a pumpkin or two bursting out after a very long wait and lots of vines…everywhere!!!Also dug up a good harvest of white and orange sweet potatoes which this family eats a lot of so pleased with that!

And there were warm bread rolls to enjoy for lunch…..

A busy weekend with his patient self on the excavator trying to repair the dirt driveway after all the rain and also for me, filled with baking and a little sewing (more about that during the week….have a very easy project for you!) dropping off and picking up Miss Teen from work and social outings (although i at least get out of the house after 7pm this way, lol) and wiping running noses….phew, another week has begun, i hope your weekend was filled with good times…..what are you up to this week?

Just coming back to edit this post as i have had many people asking what the ratio of grout to paint is for the blackboard paint…my other half isn’t really into measuring these sort of things but he assured me that a few teaspoons to the paint you need for this size board should be sufficient. Basically all you are wanting to do is make a rougher surface so that the chalk adheres. It does leave a rougher surface than blackboard paint but not annoyingly so and it is a heck of a lot cheaper! Just experiement a little would be my tip…but start with only small amounts of grout…a spoon at a time…good luck! Hope this answers a few questions!

13 thoughts on “Weekend Wallabies & Wanderings……

  1. Wow, Jode! I love everything about your weekend 🙂 Your family was so busy, yet it seems like it was a joyful, productive kind of busy with everyone helping each other. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing it with us here.

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend Jode, getting lots of things done and have some great quality time together, sounds perfect to me. Love the chalkboard, what lucky girls. x

  3. I just love that homemade chalkboard that your husband made!!! That is too cool!

    The wallaby peeking his head over the fence? That would seriously kill me. I’d have to go chase it down and love it and pet it and call it George. That is crazy that you have random wallaby’s hopping over to your house to eat out of your veggie patch. The only animals that ever invade our garden are possums. And they’re super ugly.

  4. Can you give me a ratio of the grout/ paint mixture? I want my husband to make this but he thinks grout it too rough. Can you post more info please? Great Idea!

  5. What was the chalkboard surface made out of? And how much grout to paint did you use? Thanks! Love the idea!

  6. wow! that’s so cool to have an actual wallaby peeking over your fence. here, we only see those at the zoo! i love love love that outdoor chalkboard…. trying to figure out where we could put one. thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

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